Avril Lavigne Hair 2022

Avril Lavigne Hair Magic – Yungblud’s Haircut of the Week

Getting a new haircut is always a treat, but it’s especially exciting when your stylist tries to wow you with a bit of hair magic. That’s what happened to Avril Lavigne when she went to see Yungblud the other day. They recorded a video together for her upcoming album, and she decided to share the clip with her fans on social media. It may have taken her a while to decide to make the switch from long locks to short strands, but she certainly came out on the right foot.

What was Yungblud’s hair-cutting trick of the week? He made a video that showed a snippet of Lavigne’s hair being cut, and a lot of it. He said he had a pretty good feeling about it, and the end result was quite impressive. After the haircut was done, he showed a bunch of hair clumps in his hands. The hair clumps were probably extensions, but it’s hard to tell with this clip.

The hair cut also has a few other minor perks. First, Yungblud used scissors that were made out of fabric. This allowed for a pretty decent shave, and the end product was not too dissimilar to what Avril would’ve been able to do on her own. Second, Yungblud was able to make the hair-cutting process less of a pain, thanks to a detangler. And third, Yungblud’s hair-cutting wizardry also made the cut a whole lot easier on Avril, too.

Avril Lavigne’s latest album, Love Sux, is a return to the pop-punk roots of her early days. It’s a pretty decent record, and her biggest hit, “The Last Song”, is one of her more popular songs to date. But the one thing that fans seem to be most concerned about is Avril’s hair. For a while, she had been sporting a bright orange hairdo. Earlier this year, Avril wore an orange gown to the Grammys, and she has continued to rock the look since. During her time touring with MGK, she also had some hot pink hair. This is likely the result of using some sort of extension, but it’s still pretty cool to see.

The hair-cutting sex game got a boost from Yungblud’s clever haircut, but it’s clear that the follicles were not the only thing the star of the show was trying to impress. In fact, Avril was a little hesitant to try out the hair-cutting trick at all, but after seeing Yungblud’s work in action, she was convinced to give it a go. She’s since gotten her hair back to its former glory, and her fans are loving it. Avril was in a rut in early 2022, but she has found some much-needed inspiration with her stylist. The new record is set to drop in November. We’ll have to wait and see how she and Yungblud fare. We’ll be sure to check out her new look when it drops. After all, we can’t say for sure if she’s going to have a new look for the rest of her career.

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