Azur Lane New Orleans

Azur Lane New Orleans

The Azur Lane is the character design of the New Orleans-class heavy cruiser. She is voiced by Fujiwara Natsumi and has a short grey hairstyle, blue eyes, and a large bust. Her outfit consists of a black dress with a tricolor head ornament. Her ship also has two aircraft catapults and is fully equipped with a variety of combat systems.

New Orleans-class heavy cruisers

The new shipgirl in the Azur Lane series will be the CA-32 USS New Orleans. She is the lead ship of the New Orleans-class heavy cruisers and will be available to players as a rare drop. Yostar revealed the design of the shipgirl during its Japanese 4th Anniversary stream, which will air in September 2021. The character is voiced by Fujiwara Natsumi, and has short grey hair, blue eyes, and a large bust. Her outfit is a black dress with a tricolor hair ornament. She also has two aircraft catapults.

The New Orleans-class cruisers were built in 1934-1937. The earlier heavy cruisers had too little protection to sail over a long distance, so the Navy authorized the construction of these cruisers with heavier armor and protection in order to meet the treaty limit. However, their hulls were shorter than the Portlands and their machinery was not as well distributed. As a result, they were more susceptible to torpedoes. In addition, they had eight-inch guns, which could be raised individually.


The Azure Lane New Orleans outfit is a shipgirl outfit that a player can unlock through rare drops. It is designed to resemble the ship CA-32 USS New Orleans. The outfit is made up of a black dress with tricolor hair ornaments and two aircraft catapults.

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