Baby Shark Nashville Children’s Theatre

Baby Shark Comes to the Nashville Children’s Theatre

Located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, the Nashville Children’s Theatre provides a fun and entertaining experience for kids of all ages. Their performances include popular shows such as Baby Shark, Hogi the hedgehog, Pinkfong the fox, Ernie Nolan’s Tales of Adventure, and more.

Hogi the hedgehog

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The Baby Shark company has a long and illustrious history of producing popular toys, including the famous Baby Shark toy that spawned a plethora of spinoffs. A touring group has been formed to bring the show to venues across North America. Some of these shows have been in a variety of sizes, including small theaters to midsize arenas. While there are no set seating requirements, most venues will feature large albeit garish costumes, and are likely to have a variety of levels for seating. If you’re planning on taking your family to the show, you’ll want to check out the Baby Shark’s website to find out more about the company and what you can expect from your next visit.

Pinkfong the fox

Known for their iconic music videos, Pinkfong the fox and Baby Shark are bringing their live show to Nashville Children’s Theatre. This is a family-friendly event that features interactive learning experiences and iconic dances. The show lasts 80 minutes and is suitable for children ages two to six. This interactive show includes LED screens, flashing colors and an immersive environment. During intermission, audience members can get their photo taken with Pinkfong and Baby Shark.

The Pinkfong Company produces award-winning content across a variety of formats. The company’s interactive games, music videos, animated series, and other multimedia content are available for download from the App Store, Amazon Video, YouTube, and Google Play. The company is also dedicated to connecting people across the globe. In fact, the company has received the YouTube Custom Creator Award and the Google Play Best Family App award for its efforts.

The Pinkfong company also produces an array of content to keep children entertained and inspired. The company distributes original animated series and music videos, and has partnered with a number of award-winning artists.


Described as “an experience to behold”, Baby Shark will be launching its live tour with shows in South Carolina in October and wrapping up in Pennsylvania in November. The story, which features music by David Weinstein, is based on J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan.

With a cast that includes James Rudolph as Felix LaMar and Jonah Jackson as Tootles, and Jennifer Whitcomb-Oliva as Smee, the cast will be exploring life in the ocean. During the performance, children will use home resources and internet resources to learn about the creatures that live in the ocean. They will also be able to practice their movement and explore the sounds and lives of these sea creatures.

The Nashville Children’s Theatre is an established and professional children’s theatre company that is affiliated with the Actors’ Equity Association and Theatre for Young Audiences. The organization is also a member of ASSITEJ. It is one of the oldest professional children’s theatre companies in the United States. Located in Nashville, the organization is dedicated to fostering a love of theatre through programs that promote personal discovery, empathy and community.

Ernie Nolan

Known for his work as a director and playwright, Ernie Nolan has been named the new executive artistic director of Nashville Children’s Theatre. Nolan has been a part of the organization’s artistic growth since taking the role. He has directed several world premieres, including The Witches, Fancy Nancy The Musical, The BFG and The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle. He is also the International Representative for TYA USA to ASSITEJ, a global theater organization for young audiences.

Nolan will take the reins of the children’s theatre on February 1st. Since then, he has been busy putting together a new season of shows. This season includes the world premiere of Peter Pan: Wendy’s Adventure to Neverland. The play is based on the novel by J.M. Barrie, and features music by David Weinstein. The production continues on the weekends, and school children are invited to attend performances during the week.

Nolan has also choreographed the world premiere of Bill Russell’s Lucky Duck at the New Victory Theatre. His directing and choreography work has been featured nationally, and he has worked as an assistant professor of theater studies at DePaul University. He also served as artistic director of Emerald City Theatre in Chicago.

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