Barbara Thomas

Barbara Thomas – A Visual Storyteller

Visual storyteller barb thomas weaves timeless archetypes with portraits of community members to examine the social fabric of her surroundings with paint, glass and Tyvek.

She is also a talented writer, having contributed to various publications like Storm Watch and Gwen Knight Lawrence: her book is currently in production.

She has work displayed in both public and private collections, is active in community arts programs, and manages the Bumbershoot Festival Commission.

Early Life and Education

Barbara Thomas strikes a remarkable balance between an exacting practice of her craft and an unswerving dedication to education and community involvement. As professor of art at UNC Greensboro’s Gatewood Gallery she also serves on their Equity Diversity Inclusion Committee (EDIC).

She has participated in both solo and group exhibitions. Her artwork has been published by national publications like Architectural Digest and Town & Country magazine as well as East Coast publications like Quest Magazine, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens magazine and Dan’s Papers.

She has taught at schools across the nation and serves as an Ombudsman for Clinton County ARC. Additionally, she was on several boards including that of Presbyterian Ladies College at Pymble in Australia where she participated on their netball and hockey teams.

Professional Career

Barb has over two decades of experience working with children, adults and couples through systemic, client-centered, contextual and cognitive-behavioral therapy. She provides a safe and trustworthy therapeutic environment where individuals can set and meet goals that promote growth and healing.

She is a member of the American Psychological Association and licensed professional counselor, committed to the highest standards of practice, passionate about helping her clients find solutions to overcome any challenges that they are experiencing in their lives.

She is an active member of her church where she serves as missionary president, treasurer and second elder; leading fundraising initiatives and teaching children’s Sunday school classes. Additionally, she is involved with FISH organization as an active volunteer helping those in need in her community.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has shown her work all across the United States and her works can be found in prestigious public and private collections like Safeco Corporate Collection, City of Seattle 1 Percent for Art Fund and Evansville Museum of Arts and Science among many others. Furthermore, her paintings have been showcased nationally through publications like Town and Country Magazine, Forbes FYI and Dan’s Papers.

She used her passion for language arts in her teaching career, drawing upon fun analogies to make grammar and other subjects more engaging for students.

Barb surrounded herself with family and loved ones throughout her life, leaving behind a husband from Medford named Deril; two sons Justin and Ryan as well as daughter Jillian; seven grandchildren; as well as her sister Marilyn Ertl and brother Mike Ertl as well as various nieces and nephews.

Personal Life

Barbara Campbell Thomas possesses a firm commitment to art and education. Her works explore nature’s relationship to humanity in its entirety; these themes are depicted elegantly through both paintings and writings created by Barbara, which have garnered critical acclaim over time.

Her works depict scenes of sky, earth and flora with great attention to detail and stunning visual appeal. She has explored various mediums including oils, watercolors and digital photography.

She combines artistic pursuits with missionary service, having served on several short-term trips to Mexico and Honduras as part of various missions. Additionally, she volunteers as organ placement coordinator at Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network with a strong desire to raise awareness about organ donation.

Net Worth

Barbara has built up an enormous net worth through hard work and business acumen, most notably her participation on the popular business reality show Shark Tank as one of its sharks and through making incredible investments.

Corcoran is also an accomplished author, appearing frequently on television programs as an expert. Additionally, she offers home products under her own label as well as her radio show The Millionaire Broker With Barbara Corcoran and has even appeared in a TV movie!

Her success has allowed her to invest in various businesses, such as Daisy Cakes and Pork Barrel BBQ. As a result of these successful investments, New York native and multi-millionaire Nicole is now worth an incredible $100 Million in her bank account!

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