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Rochester NY Police Charged With Shooting a Bystander in the Line of Duty

There were no fewer than three major police agencies involved in the investigation, which lasted into the wee hours of Friday morning. A few of them are still staking out the area, including the local bumbling police, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and the state’s Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. The city’s finest was at the scene of a tumultuous incident, according to reports, involving an unidentified male shooting a female bystander, who survived with minor injuries.

While a number of law enforcement officials were on the scene, none could provide details. The police department’s public information officer, Officer Kevin Smith, declined to offer a specific timeline. He said the organization’s investigation is ongoing, and did not comment on the circumstances surrounding the incident. One officer was released after a brief stint in the hospital, reportedly with non-life-threatening injuries. In a statement, Chief Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan, meanwhile, touted the department’s “exemplary professionalism and comradery,” and said the agency would do its best to help “the Rochester community by identifying and addressing any possible causes of violence or crime,” including any potential criminal activities.

The city’s finest was not the only one on the case, but it was the only one in the aforementioned bumbling department, and the only one to be the one to get the dubious prize. Nonetheless, a flurry of police vehicles rolled through the neighborhood, with several officers ejecting the suspect from his car. According to the department’s chief chopper, the scuffle drew multiple law enforcement personnel from throughout the county, including the New York State Police, the aforementioned Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and the United States Marshall’s Service. It’s not known what exactly motivated the suspect, but it certainly amounted to an embarrassment for the department.

While the aforementioned incident deservedly received the lion’s share of the police department’s attention, the most notable mention goes to Officers Anthony Mazurkiewicz and Sino Seng. Both men were shot in the line of duty, but the latter has since been released.

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