Becky Quick

Becky Quick is an award-winning TV journalist and newscaster best known for co-anchoring CNBC financial news shows Squawk Box and On the Money. She has interviewed numerous powerful investors, such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Jamie Dimon.

O’Connell brings depth and charm to the one-dimensional Becky, giving her both New England character traits as well as an accent befitting New York City life. However, Taichman’s bland direction often fails.

Early Life and Education

Becky Quick has touched many lives through her television and journalism work. As an esteemed CNBC financial news reporter who co-anchors Squawk Box and On the Money, she is well known to viewers of all backgrounds. Through interviews with prominent business leaders – even presidents! – as well as interviews for articles in major media publications, her beauty and intelligence make her one of a kind in the media landscape.

At nine, her family experienced financial difficulties that forced them to relocate and she began working as a child model and voiceover artist to make ends meet.

Becky and Beth both attended Belmont University, renowned for its combination of warm culture and rigorous instruction. Both value the increased focus placed by Belmont on supporting its community.

Professional Career

Becky serves as Two-year Institution Representative on the Leadership Board and as part of the Committee for Professional Development. She earned both her undergraduate and master’s degrees at Coastal Carolina University.

She made it into the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart with her single ‘Shower.’ Additionally, she has collaborated with popular artists like J Balvin and Bad Bunny.

Becky has provided invaluable career counseling services to both students and alumni of Wagner Oehler, Ltd. She has extensive experience advising them in all aspects of career exploration and professional development; practicing commercial finance at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP law firm; serving as Closing Coordinator for Wagner Oehler Ltd; closing real estate purchases, sales, exchanges and financing transactions including residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Achievement and Honors

Becky Quick has become a beloved anchor on television screens around the globe as one of CNBC’s “Squawk Box” anchors for over three decades, becoming a well-recognized source of news for viewers worldwide. She has interviewed prominent politicians and business leaders about their decision-making processes; while supporting various initiatives and discussions that promote gender equality. Becky Quick has won multiple accolades throughout her life – most notably winning a Gracie Award for Outstanding Anchor. In addition, she founded her own bakery business which has enjoyed national recognition – becoming an influential journalistic force!

Personal Life

Becky G has always been known for being an extremely cautious individual. Thanks to her pragmatic and foresighted approach, she has avoided many potentially hazardous jobs over time.

Sebastian Lletget and she have been in a relationship since 2016.

Rumors began swirling online late March that Becky was engaging in extramarital affairs with NBA star Tim Hardaway after a woman posted screenshots purporting to show correspondence between the two on Instagram.

Sarah May provides us with an insight into London media life with this riveting story about Becky, and her drive to make it big at Mercury newspaper. It alternates between present day and her childhood to give readers insight into Becky’s character.

Net Worth

Becky Quick has amassed an incredible net worth. As one of the richest TV news anchors worldwide, she co-anchors CNBC’s Squawk Box and On the Money programs each earning an estimated annual stipend of approximately $3 Million; furthermore she writes regular columns for Fortune magazine.

Prior to joining CNBC in February 2001, she worked as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal where she covered topics on retailing, e-commerce and technology. Additionally, she assisted in the launch of their website as International News Editor.

She is an esteemed interviewer, having interviewed the greatest figures of business such as Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan and Jamie Dimon as well as three presidents. Additionally, she is widely respected for conducting engaging interviews with top Wall Street traders.

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