Bed Jacks

Bed Jacks For RV Travelers

Bed jacks are lift systems designed to enable RV travelers to maximize space in their sleeping area and take full advantage of available resources. They are particularly beneficial for those with limited mobility who cannot manage traditional mattresses’ high height, such as those who experience backache from conventional mattresses.

Manually raising a Happijac bed takes some strength and patience, but is relatively straightforward. Locate the crank handle in the storage compartment before beginning your lift.

Early Life and Education

Making the bed and changing sheets can be an arduous task, but the Mattress Jack makes this task far simpler and faster. This inflatable lifter can be placed between foundation and mattress; when triggered via smartphone app it inflates to raise entire bed 10 inches for sheet changes to occur at an ergonomic working height. Once finished, deflation occurs and Mattress Jack stays hidden beneath mattress until next use.

Mattress elevators were originally created by physicians to aid senior citizens and those suffering from back or joint ailments in making beds. Smart home technology can integrate the mattress elevator to automatically recognize when remaking is required and automatically initiate this process of stretching and tucking sheets back onto their frames. Hospitality or residential furniture companies may also incorporate this technology into their beds in order to improve efficiency and reduce time required to make beds.

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