Bellamy Young

Notable Moments in Bellamy Young’s Career

Although Mellie Grant’s role on ABC’s hit drama Scandal is over after seven seasons, Bellamy’s story has been just as dramatic. Though the young actress’ adoption story is less dramatic than Mellie’s, the fact that she has dealt with loss and heartbreak herself at a young age has not hindered her compassionate view of others and her life in the present. Below are some notable moments in Bellamy’s career.

First and foremost, Bellamy Young is a highly successful actress who played Mellie Grant on the drama Scandal. The actress has appeared on many other hit television shows, including “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.” She was promoted to series regular status in season 2. Young has since received critical acclaim for her portrayal of the First Lady Mellie Grant. In 2014, the Daily Beast named her “breakout star” of “Scandal,” and many critics have praised her performance in the character-focused episode of the third season, “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie.”

Young started her television career as a guest star. She has since landed recurring roles on shows such as DIRTY, SEXY, MONEY and CRIMINAL MINDS. In 2004, she played Dr. Courtney Evans in another show, “For the People.” Young’s television credits include American Dreams, Scrubs, CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, and The X-Files.

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