Below Deck Preference Sheets

Below Deck Preference Sheets

Below Deck is an award-winning reality TV series that chronicles the lives of crew members on luxury charter yachts. The show is known for its dramatic episodes and its cast members’ off-the-wall personalities.

A key part of the Below Deck experience is the preference sheet. The form allows guests to detail their dietary restrictions, beverage preferences and itinerary interests, which help the crew plan the perfect charter for everyone on board.

Preference sheets are a key way to ensure that guests have a smooth and enjoyable charter experience, so it’s important to be honest with your broker about what you want from your trip. The crew is more than happy to accommodate any requests — but if there’s something specific that you want, let your broker know as soon as possible.

There are a few things you should consider before filling out your Below Deck preference sheet, including whether or not you’re on a strict diet or diabetic, or have a medical condition such as a heart disease. In addition, make sure to let your captain and crew know if anyone in your party is disabled, and if you’d like assistance while enjoying any water sports such as scuba diving or parasailing.

The Below Deck preference sheet is not the only way to get your needs met when you’re on a luxury charter, but it does have its benefits. In addition to making the process easier for your broker, it helps the crew prepare meals and beverages for you during your trip.

While preference sheets are not the only way to request something, they can be a fun and exciting part of the charter process. In fact, a recent episode of Below Deck saw a crew member go all out with her own preference sheet and it even included a section for kids.

One Below Deck season featured a particularly extensive preference sheet that earned one guest a nickname of “The Boss.” He was so dedicated to his preferences, he even had his own set of utensils for meal prep!

If you’re looking for a more formal way to express your preferences, consider creating a template for your own preference sheet. A template is a document that you can download and modify to fit your own needs.

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