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Is Ben Mahogany a Catfish?

Ben’s recent trip to Peru to visit Mahogany’s family prompted questions about whether or not the couple was really dating. Many fans speculated that Ben and Mahogany were paid actors. In fact, Ben once claimed that he was scouted by producers after seeing his health pictures in a magazine. He has since retracted that claim, but his facial expressions and on-screen habits suggest otherwise.

In an attempt to dispel the speculations, the couple deleted their Instagram accounts. It seems that Ben was frightened by some fans’ reactions to their romantic selfies together. However, Ben has been clear that Mahogany is not a catfish. She took a $1,000 mortgage from Ben and faked photos to appear as someone else. But despite the detraction, he is still eager to marry her.

Since his debut on the show, Ben has also been promoting his Cameo account on Instagram. He shared two main reasons for doing the show – to inspire viewers with his love story and to raise funds for the Michigan Lupus Foundation. To this end, he encouraged followers to book Cameos for his charity to help support his charity work. The cameo account now has over 60,000 followers.

Fans reacted with shock when they saw Mahogany’s filtered photos. While Mahogany hasn’t explained why she’s using these filters, fans immediately assumed that the 90 Day Fiance storyline would feature a catfish angle. Though Mahogany has not yet explained her reasons for lying, Ben defended her decision. But it hasn’t stopped fans from wondering about her real identity.

Fans have taken to the internet to speculate about Ben’s whereabouts. In a recent photo, Ben and Mahogany were spotted in a Peru shopping mall. However, their photos have since disappeared from their Instagram accounts. Perhaps the couple was forced to go on a short break due to the amount of “hate” from their followers. A Reddit user has discovered that Ben and Mahogany’s Instagram account is not theirs anymore. Instead, they’re dating Amy Phung, a younger woman.

In the meantime, Ben and Mahogany were in a long-distance relationship. He was eager to marry her and consider her his second wife. He told friends that he had blindly trusted Mahogany because she was shy and had a great camera. Mahogany had a better camera than Ben, but she was still terrified of meeting him. Her parents openly opposed the plan, but he insisted. When the pair finally met in person, Ben had to rescue Mahogany from her home.

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