Ben Hiscock

Ben Hiscock

Ben Hiscock serves as City Manager in Pawnee and is also an accomplished Settlers of Catan player ranked nationally. Additionally, he loves the early 90’s era including R.E.M. as an alternative music band.

Leslie Knope often convinces him to accept the position.

Early Life and Education

Judge Hiscock was born April 16, 1856 in Tully, Onondaga County to Luther Harris Hiscock who served as a Syracuse attorney and delegate at the State Constitutional Convention of 1867.

Hiscock earned both a B.A. from Cornell and law degrees from Columbia, becoming admitted to the New York bar two years later and commencing practice alongside his uncle Frank Hiscock at Hiscock & Doheny of Syracuse.

The victim informed investigators that Hiscock would often inappropriately touch her while watching movies in bed or sitting on his lap, often at times when his mother would come home while Hiscock was abusing her; when her mother would arrive home he would instruct her to jump into the bathtub so as not to raise suspicions from his mother.

Professional Career

Hiscock holds a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics and has worked at Cavendish Laboratory to study high-temperature superconductivity and quantum mesoscopic physics. Additionally, Hiscock holds an EP Abraham Professorship from Royal Society as well as being senior group leader for Wellcome Trust-CRUK Gurdon Institute located in Cambridge UK.

Hiscock says his protein research is one of the most exciting areas in science today. He anticipates new therapies for diseases like cancer, neurodegeneration and infectious infections could emerge with this technology as well as industrial applications like catalysts that speed reactions or produce entirely new materials.

Achievement and Honors

Hiscock has distinguished himself with his research achievements, earning an MBE for services to Marine Conservation. Additionally, he has published various books and articles.

Hiscock led Rollins baseball to an SSC co-championship and program record 41 victories in 2010, earning Coach of the Year honors. They went all the way to NCAA South Regional for the first time ever; senior centerfielder Taylor Ferguson and sophomore starting pitcher Tim Griffin both received postseason recognition by being named Second Team ABCA All-America and Daktronics Third Team All-South Region respectively.

Hiscock has also received multiple other accolades, such as the Benard E. West Prize for outstanding undergraduate research focused on American history, and the Moses Coit Tyler Award for excellence in writing and scholarship. Additionally, Hiscock has won multiple department teaching awards.

Personal Life

Hiscock is a regular on NBC comedy show Parks and Recreation. He’s known as an honest person who always tells it straight even if it might offend someone; sometimes passive-aggressively so.

Ben joins Leslie’s campaign team as her campaign manager in season 3, leading them in an unconventional long-distance relationship. At first unsure of his abilities as campaign manager but ultimately comforted by Leslie’s love.

Ben Hiscock is invited by his friends to attend a bachelor party that includes beer and the board game Settlers of Catan. Later he works for Sweetums with Andy serving as his assistant, while creating new game called Cones of Dunshire. Unfortunately in August Hiscock was arrested for sexually assaulting an underage girl, although these allegations were later refuted by Hiscock himself.

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