Ben Hoover

Ben Hoover – A Man of Strong Convictions and Deep Beliefs

Ben Hoover serves as WSPA evening news anchor in Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina, each weeknight between 4:30 and 5 p.m. He anchors at 4:30 and 5 pm respectively on the West South Americna Plain (WSAP).

As America was plunged into Depression, Hoover held firm to his belief in voluntarism and cooperation and supported innovative government-inspired efforts such as Reconstruction Finance Corporation and Emergency Relief Construction Act. Hoover also championed Latin American Good Neighbor Policies which advocated economic cooperation, investment, and non-interference in foreign affairs.

Early Life and Education

Hoover worked hard to gain acceptance into Stanford University where he studied geology. Though an average student, Hoover made his way onto both of Stanford’s varsity teams for football and baseball – eventually even making captainship of one team!

As Secretary of Commerce under Presidents Harding and Coolidge, Hoover championed standards to reduce waste and improve efficiency among manufactured goods, and encouraged research on ways to combat harmful business cycles while simultaneously encouraging the expansion of new industries such as radio and aviation.

Ben and Anne were active members of York, Pennsylvania community. Ben was on the board of York County Community Foundation as well as numerous civic organizations. Additionally, he served Rotary International, serving as District 7290 DG (1969-1971). Additionally he chaired Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Professional Career

Hoover was driven from early on to excel. He developed his intellect, becoming known for hard work and keeping to his word as a mining engineer.

Hoover was heavily influenced by his Quaker upbringing and believed that scientific expertise applied thoughtfully and ethically could bring great advancement for humanity. Additionally, he believed in cooperation between labor and management and that eradicating waste would bring increased economic growth rates.

As commerce secretary, Hoover strengthened existing agencies and created new ones with efficiency and standardization as his goals. He helped deliver 34 million tons of food and supplies to Europe during World War I; becoming known across America for this charitable act; his name even inspired a verb: to Hooverize

Achievement and Honors

President Woodrow Wilson appointed Hoover as head of the Food Administration in 1917, and his success immediately made him a household name; by 1918 almost everyone knew the verb “Hooverize”. Hoover’s efforts helped conserve food, clothing and materials needed for war efforts while aiding Europe’s needy citizens.

Hoover later became an influential voice on the international scene, fighting to reduce military budgets, negotiate an accord with Soviet Russia to settle international disputes, and work toward alleviating global financial crises.

Ben and Anne both provided invaluable volunteer service to various local organizations, including York Rotary Foundation where they hosted six Youth Exchange students as well as over twenty GSE Team members. Furthermore, they enjoyed traveling extensively while being active members in their club’s Group Study Exchange Program for 27 years.

Personal Life

Benjamin Hoover held strong convictions and held fast to them with undying determination. A devout Quaker who rarely attended meetings as an adult, Hoover embraced its beliefs in individualism and freedom as well as charity. Additionally, he internalized engineering’s core value that scientific expertise could contribute to human advancement.

Hoover believed the federal government should promote economic development and enhance quality of American life. He supported industrial trade associations as an intermediary between competition and monopoly; these were considered as a potential way of mitigating fluctuations caused by business cycles; hoover also advocated reducing wasteful spending through increasing efficiency and decreasing business cycle ebbs and flows.

Ben leaves behind his wife Anne; two sons: Mahlon is married to Martha Martin Hoover of New Holland and Frank Martin lives in Denver; six daughters include Etta of East Earl; Susie married Clarence Reiff from Pennsylvania; Sarah married Walter Martin from New Holland; Mary married Thomas Martin from York and Lizzie who married Aaron Martin of Denver.

Net Worth

Ben Hoover has amassed an impressive net worth through his work as an evening news anchor and reporter, including reports about Eliza O’Neill’s struggle with Sanfilippo Syndrome and the local government shutdown which garnered significant media coverage on national outlets.

Hoover likely makes close to $5 Million annually in salary alone; however, his compensation package also includes bonuses and equity ownership.

He has achieved favorable settlements and verdicts for clients in personal injury and wrongful death claims, as well as criminal defense matters. Along with his wife Rachel, he and Anderson and Hollis reside in Greenville, South Carolina and enjoy spending time together while taking family trips across the United States.

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