Ben McNutt

Ben McNutt

Ben McNutt is a photographer who explores homoeroticism and masculinity through artistic media, specifically with wrestling as his subject matter. Through his photography he challenges society’s perceptions of this male-dominated sport through his artwork.

McNutt has taught wilderness bushcraft around the world and designed concept courses in remote wilderness expeditions. Additionally, he contributed to two of Ray Mears’ internationally best-selling books on this topic – ‘Bushcraft’ and ‘Essential Bushcraft’ – on which he made major contributions.

Early Life and Education

He was known for his deep faith and was always willing to lend a helping hand when necessary. An avid Southern Gospel music enthusiast, he was also an active member of Burnett Creek Baptist Church where his baby son Gregory Scott McNutt had passed before him and mother Nannie McNutt died as well.

Ben holds a BA(Hons) in Fine Art and uses his keen eye for detail to illustrate Ray Mears’ internationally bestselling books on bushcraft. Ben also created authentic international expeditions where participants immerse themselves in traditional skills and knowledge, such as tracking skills of San bushmen in Kalahari desert, Penan jungle lore in Borneo or winter camping skills gained in subarctic wilderness regions.

Professional Career

Ben has over a decade of experience working with some of the largest companies in the new economy. He is widely acknowledged for his strategic thinking and copywriting prowess as well as being an experienced speaker and mentor for emerging talent.

McNutt was drawn into Nova Scotia colonization following receiving a recommendation letter from administrator Jonathan Belcher* as an agent to recruit Irish settlers, which in turn led him to appear before the Board of Trade seeking its approval for new settlement conditions on land grants in Nova Scotia on 24 February 1762.

McNutt specializes in Christian theology from its Reformation through Enlightenment phases, with particular focus on John Calvin and his legacy, Christianity and science, and Protestant interpretations of Scripture. She is currently working on two monographs.

Achievement and Honors

He held memberships in many national and state professional organizations, earning many awards for his service. Additionally, he held positions within several civic and charitable groups.

He and his wife were proud parents to three children, and he enjoyed golf and hunting as hobbies as an Episcopalian. He will long be remembered for his kindness, generosity, wisdom and loyalty as both husband and father.

Honorees include Cade Allenby, Jacob Barron, Ryan Baumer, Tyler Boyden, Cairn Bright, Erich Brown, Kelsey Boutwell and Tea Carboni-Pietras as well as Erich Brown from Kelsey Boutwell; Kelsey Boutwell; Erich Brown from Kelsey Boutwell; Tea Carboni-Pietras and Danielle Defregger as well as Samuel DeMaio’s Emeline Dolinger Samantha Dixon Olivia Dow Lauren Ford Sarah Gallant Sarah Gallant Michaela Gochinski Danielle Hess Danielle Hillman Logan Loncar Danielle Hess, Danielle Hillman Logan Loncar; Abigail McGranaghan; Samuel McCauley Kaitlyn Mackin; Abigail Sampson; Gracie Mieczkowski and Daniel Penza in addition to Max Skribiski-Banack Olivia Simoneaux and Camryn Rogowski

Personal Life

McNutt is an apprentice to survival instructor Ray Mears. As such, he has taught bushcraft in both the Philippines and Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park. Additionally, he serves as both a running coach and an axemanship instructor.

McNutt issued a pamphlet in 1761 inviting “industrious farmers and useful mechanics” to migrate with him to Nova Scotia; offering “200 acres for each family of five.” According to him, these proposals were in keeping with board instructions and would help divert the annual current of German immigrants towards Canada.

McNutt lived on McNutt Island near Port Roseway harbour in Truro for much of 1767-1774 while attempting to make his living through timber trade. Due to various debts owed him he was taken before court several times between 1767-1774 for proceedings related to these debts.

Net Worth

As per Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & various online sources, William McNutt has amassed an estimated Net Worth of between $1-5 Million at age 52 due to his efforts as a professional Screenwriter.

McNutt currently resides in Maryland, United States. He prefers not to share details regarding his relationship status or love life with anyone.

He enjoys strong bonds with his family members. He has an adorable daughter and several close friendships. Additionally, he’s known for having a good sense of humor; often seen smiling on social media platforms. A highly successful personality who takes great pleasure in his work.

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