Ben Silver

Ben Silver – A Brother Before the Accolades and College Scholarship Offers

Ben Silver offers real estate development as well as construction, renovation and redevelopment services on commercial and residential properties in addition to his specialty of New York Labor Law-related litigation.

Mr. Perri has extensive experience conducting government-funded health policy research. Additionally, he has designed and implemented value-based alternative payment models for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as well as Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.

Early Life and Education

Ben Silver was always eager to try something new. After excelling at youth soccer, he followed in the footsteps of brother Aaron to join Herrick Middle School cross country and track teams – where he quickly distinguished himself from competitors.

After being awarded a scholarship to Miami University, he decided to focus on both academics and training. Although initially excelling as a freshman, injuries soon began limiting him. One credit hour shy of meeting requirements to maintain his scholarship, lonely feelings began creeping back.

He has led or contributed to several research efforts for CMS and the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) regarding Medicare payment models, Medicaid and the Medicare Prospective Payment System (MPPS), health services research and policy analysis.

Professional Career

Ben Silver assists his clients in the purchase, sale, financing, management and leasing of commercial real estate properties. In addition, he provides property evaluations as well as advice regarding debt sourcing solutions and equity solutions.

He currently holds positions as Senior Economist and Director of Payment Model Analytics program in RTI’s Center for Health Care Financing and Payment. In these capacities he has led and contributed to research projects funded by both Medicare & Medicaid Services as well as Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation.

Before joining Wilson Elser, Ben worked as a Bronx District Attorney where he handled serious felony prosecutions for violent crimes and narcotics distribution. With extensive grand jury and court experience under his belt, he enjoys using mapping and geospatial analysis to empower communities through mapping. Furthermore, his background includes cartography and environmental planning – two subjects in which Ben excels.

Achievement and Honors

Ben Silver was an active family man from a young age; three years younger than Aaron but equally driven in any endeavor he undertook – from running to music to athletics – with equal determination and enthusiasm for both endeavors.

He was a master silversmith who created some key pieces, such as Rundell’s candelabra from 1816 and Apsley House’s Wellington Shield with relief figures (both being located there). Additionally he produced elegant tea sets as well as numerous silver salvers, trays, and Grecian sugar bowls.

At school recognition ceremonies, cash awards are distributed annually to students whose extracurricular activities demonstrate concern, support, and dedication for New York Tech community.

Personal Life

Ben Silver was an active brother, three years older, to Aaron; son to Paul and Jamie; and enthusiastic friend. He would jump headfirst into new activities without fear or trepidation of making mistakes or embarrassing himself in front of others.

Ben was awarded a running scholarship at Miami University, a mid-major Division I school known for its esteemed academics and rich athletic traditions. Upon entering, Ben stunned his freshman competitors and appeared destined for greatness in cross country and track running before injury derailed him once more.

At the end of his freshman year, Ben found himself feeling isolated, dark, and depressed. After being diagnosed with schizophrenia – which affects over 20 million people worldwide – he became unable to compete and ultimately left college.

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