Benjamin Beeson

Benjamin Beeson

Isaac Beeson moved his family from Center, Randolph county North Carolina, to Wayne county Indiana in 1826 and settled on an exquisite farm two and half miles south of Milton.

He was an exceptional hard worker, with impeccable integrity who brought great distinction to the name of Beeson.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in Sammamish Washington, he enjoyed skiing, trail running and hiking. Following completion of high school education he served a 2-year mission for his church in Peru before attending Marquette University to earn his dental degree.

Beeson was instrumental in starting and supporting Marshall Presbytery’s efforts at establishing a college in this frontier state from its inception until civil war interrupted it, beginning and continuing it throughout its formation and then later, during its existence until interrupted by Civil War. He laid the cornerstone for what later became Chapel Hill College; without house, students or money but with extraordinary ability and genius – always willing to provide aid or protect those less able.

Professional Career

Ben Beeson leads Lockton Companies’ Cyber Risk Practice and assists clients to address emerging cyber risks to mission critical assets that align with business strategy. Additionally, he advises boards and executive leadership on cost-effective methods for mitigating exposures.

Benjamin Beeson was an exceptionally hardworking individual, amassing an impressive fortune through his farming and general mercantile business activities. Additionally, he joined various intellectual improvement clubs of Richmond as a member and delivered lectures on both pedagogic and scientific subjects.

In 1946, Dr. Jones initiated weekly clinical pathologic conferences at St. Paul Hospital – just over one mile from Baylor University Hospital – until 1950. At that time he also joined Parkland, Baylor, and St. Paul hospitals’ respective medical staffs as a member.

Achievement and Honors

Erection of a frame building, creation of a board of trustees and establishment of Chapel Hill College were accomplished under his stewardship. When civil war broke out he was elected colonel of one company serving throughout its entirety.

He was highly successful in his agricultural pursuits, amassing an extensive property with his wife. Additionally, he actively promoted church and school interests while advocating for methods to elevate people.

His was an individual of broad-minded intelligence and unfaltering honesty who earned the respect and esteem of every community that came his way, forever adding his name to its list of honorees in Ohio.

Personal Life

Beeson was an energetic and committed citizen. He belonged to local agricultural societies and took an active role in political and moral discussions of his time – including supporting President Lincoln and advocating free schools. Additionally, he was known for giving away his last dollar freely – an act that earned him respect from both friends and enemies alike.

He married Nancy Sellers in 1822 and made their home near Milton, Indiana. From this union came four children: Munford G.; Elizabeth (now Mrs. Hon Othniel Beeson); Parkhurst and Belinda, both deceased.

They moved first to Knightsville in Henry County and later to Plattsmouth in Jasper County of Iowa before eventually returning back home for good in Nebraska where he died a decade later.

Net Worth

Benjamin Beeson’s family owns two pewter platters that have been passed down through generations. Elizabeth Hunter brought them from England for him; these platters had previously belonged to an ancestor who was an original member of Centre Monthly Meeting in Randolph County, North Carolina.

James Beeson has made 10 trades totaling $1,206,319 worth of Utah Medical Products stock during 2018 according to Form 4 filed with the SEC. In addition, he serves as an Independent Director at this company.

Beeson Landscaping owner Brian Beeson also serves as an active member of Crews United Methodist Church as well as being a golf course maintenance instructor at Bermuda Run Country Club.

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