Benjamin Buchanan

Benjamin Buchanan

Benjamin Buchanan specializes in equine medicine in Navasota, Texas and holds his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Texas A&M. Additionally, he completed two residencies – one in Large Animal Internal Medicine and the other Emergency and Critical Care.

He possesses a natural talent for crafting intricate geometric patterns that are both hypnotic and psychedelic, creating everything from small works to massive site specific installations.

Early Life and Education

Since graduating from Elam in 1998, Buchanan has shown widely throughout New Zealand. His work ranges from small works on paper to huge site specific installations – recent solo exhibitions include Sleeping at Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Forever at Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt.

Buchanan served in both the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1814-16) and United States Congress (1821-31). Additionally, he held positions such as ambassador to Russia and secretary of state under President James K. Polk.

Buchanan stood tall and stately in his robes, an impressive presence during the Mexican War. As its fortunes changed, his views on how much territory should be acquired shifted; ultimately he supported its conclusion and never married.

Professional Career

Buchanan’s interest in abstraction, pattern making and music has allowed him to produce work with an undulating and mesmeric quality that exudes both psychedelia and hypnosis. He has shown extensively throughout New Zealand and internationally.

He holds both a Master of Business Administration from the University of Calgary and Bachelor of Management degrees. Additionally, he is a Chartered Accountant with over 23 years of experience in accounting and taxation matters, working extensively with owner-managed businesses from different industries for audit, assurance, accounting, income tax planning services as well as advisory services.

He has published numerous peer-reviewed papers and journal articles on cybersecurity and statecraft, attributing cyber attacks, cryptography, as well as regular contributions to War on the Rocks and Lawfare blogs as well as various print and online media. His research centers around this intersection of cybersecurity and statecraft.

Achievement and Honors

Buchanan held offices in both Pennsylvania’s legislature and U.S. House of Representatives before becoming a senator and cabinet officer. As an active proponent of the Federalist Party – which disintegrated during its disintegration during the 1820s – Buchanan joined what would later become the Democratic Party and quickly rose to prominence within it in Pennsylvania politics.

Buchanan was an experienced lawyer, yet his proslavery views caused division within Congress. Although Buchanan attempted to become Democratic nominee in 1852, Stephen A. Douglas outwitted him and defeated his candidacy for nomination.

Buchanan has long been an advocate for law enforcement and was instrumental in passing the Thin Blue Line Act (HBLA), which toughens penalties for killing police officers or first responders, through his legislation with over 52 colleagues co-sponsoring it.

Personal Life

He married Martha Buchanan on April 4, 1888 at their marriage location of Arkansas and the two had 9 children: George Alexander Buchanan, Metilda Idabel Horn (also born Buchanan) and others.

Buchanan was an integral member of Sydney’s business community. He served on numerous boards of companies such as Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Co, Sydney Exchange Company, Peak Downs Copper Mining Co and Illawarra Steam Navigation Co. Additionally he held the position of managing director when Mort & Co merged with R. Goldsbrough & Co in 1883.

Personality Traits of James Monroe In his personal life, James Monroe took great pleasure in entertaining. He frequently hosted parties at the White House which reignited its social life after many years since Sarah Polk.

Net Worth

Buchanan is an accomplished musician, capable of both piano and guitar performance. Additionally, he adheres to a healthy diet and works out regularly at the gym in order to stay in shape and keep his talent at the fore – both have led him to appear in several movies and television shows.

Buchanan joined Mort & Co as an equity partner in 1860 and used his extensive financial knowledge to secure directorships at several other firms such as Sydney Railway Co, Sydney Exchange Company and Peak Downs Copper Mining Co.

His passions also include advocating for and practicing vegan values and touring John Cage’s 4’33”, complete with its very own license plate in Maryland – as well as collecting rare and unusual musical instruments.

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