Benjamin Burroughs

Benjamin Burroughs – A Life Well Lived

Benjamin Burroughs donated five thousand dollars to the Independent Presbyterian Church and purchased a family pew.

Throughout his lifetime, he published books and articles about streaming media and other emerging forms of media, and advocated for free speech against any forms of censorship.

Early Life and Education

While still in high school, he was an undefeated basketball team member and worked as an exterminator. Following graduation, he served two years in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division before rejoining it permanently as a staff officer.

After publishing several pieces of fiction and essays in small literary presses, his avant-garde reputation grew internationally as hippies and college students discovered his work. Most notable among his novels was Naked Lunch which became a pivotal text during the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

Recently released editions of Burroughs’ work include restored texts of Junkie, Queer and The Yage Letters; plus his novels Nova Express, Soft Machine and Ticket That Exploded (collectively known as Cut-Up Trilogy). Together they constitute his mythos for space age living.

Professional Career

At an earlier this year reception honoring graduates of the Northern Virginia Public Service Fellowship program, Burroughs took a look at his RSVP list and smiled broadly as he acknowledged its contents: 20 years’ memories had been captured within its pages.

Each fellow is assigned to an academic mentor in their subject area, teaching two sections for their first year as part of all aspects of school life and working toward earning their Master of Education at Penn’s Independent Schools Cohort cohort program.

As a member of both California and New York State bars, he handles litigation for firm clients located around the globe. He has handled disputes in areas including fashion, art, photography, music, scripted and reality programming as well as accessories, jewelry and literature – winning several medals including Kean Travel Fellowship and Burroughs Wellcome Fund/ASTMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Medicine from ASTMH.

Achievement and Honors

Burroughs’s most acclaimed novel was Naked Lunch, which became one of the last works to face obscenity prosecutions for being sexually explicit. Its themes of drugs and homosexuality continue to resonate today among writers and artists such as Dennis Cooper. He claimed Burroughs “made homosexuality seem cool and highbrow while providing gay liberation with an irresistibly delicious edge.”

He was well known not only for his novels and poetry but also as an essayist who contributed regularly to magazines like The Paris Review. His works on mimetic faculty and dream interpretation were highly influential.

He published two renowned collections of journal writings: Queer and Everything Lost. Recently, Oliver Harris of the European Beat Studies Network edited new editions of Nova Trilogy or Cut-Up Trilogy that feature him.

Personal Life

Burroughs was largely supported by his habit of taking drugs through publishing pieces in small literary presses. He was known for being avant-garde, and this popularity among hippies and college students helped ensure his success.

He soon developed an interest in obscure subjects and published articles on them for magazines. Meanwhile, he began writing novels and short stories in his free time.

Burroughs met Jack Kerouac during this period and collaborated on writing a screenplay novel together, Naked Lunch. However, after his death it was eventually collected into Word Virus by his biographer as an autobiography of sorts. Burroughs is widely recognized as an early example of postmodern literature; his works remain influential among scholars as well as emerging writers today.

Net Worth

Burroughs was a professional wrestler who won multiple tournaments and earned bonus money for his performances, in addition to earning gold medal at London Olympics 2012.

He is estimated to have a net worth between $1 million – $8 million, with earnings from his wrestling career being his primary source of income.

He began wrestling at an early age and quickly developed a passion for it, participating in local and regional tournaments, winning numerous titles along the way. He currently resides in Crestview, Florida with an annual salary of $250k plus bonuses from competing in LDMF tournaments as he also writes novels – Junky and Naked Lunch being two examples.

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