Benjamin Eisert

Benjamin Eisert, Ph.D.

Eisert, Wilkens and Lewenstein scheme (EWL) is one of the oldest formal protocols for playing quantum games and remains one of the most cited schemes within this field.

He started all 18 matches and made 11 starts for Gray Wolves this year… and provided an assist against Cleary on October 9.

Professional Career

Recognition for his leadership and commitment to health equity by recruiting psychologists of color into the profession, supporting independent practice with mentorship services, as well as for his efforts in diversifying voices at the American Psychological Association.

Award: Public Service Award in recognition of his longstanding dedication, leadership, and long-term dedication in raising the visibility and viability of professional psychology; as well as for ensuring that underserved, marginalized communities were met during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a pioneering leader in international psychology and for his tireless support of graduate students worldwide. For his tireless advocacy on behalf of American Psychological Association in terms of global policy development and advocacy. And for his contribution to International Society of Rehabilitation Psychology as well as in addressing issues impacting veterans lives.

Achievement and Honors

He specializes in Quantum, Statistical Physics, Quantum Entanglement and Theoretical physics. His research centers around themes of Hamiltonian and Thermodynamic Limit which intersect with fields like Quantum channel. Furthermore, Time evolution and Tensor topics are explored within his field of research.

At LCSU, he was honored with inclusion on both the fall and spring Dean’s Lists during his undergraduate career, in addition to receiving two NAIA All-Kensington Lakes Activities Association honors. Furthermore, he played 18 matches this season for Gray Wolves Soccer where he gave one assist – earning two All-Kensington Lakes Activities Association awards along the way.

Award to recognize a junior who best exemplifies John Macy’s qualities of high intellectual ability, perseverance in difficult tasks, strong ethical standards and an ingrained sense of duty. Awarded for excellence in organic chemistry.

Personal Life

Philanthropically, he specializes in backing visionary founders to advance modern civilization. At 18 he established his first company – Tradex Technologies – which later was acquired by Ariba at an estimated valuation of $5.6 billion.

Eisert has been active with Blessed Sacrament Parish, Erie’s youth ministry program for several years, teaching teens about their faith while leading mission trips to Kentucky and Africa. An accomplished public speaker, his presentations on entrepreneurship have drawn large crowds. Together with his wife Christina and two children residing in Louisville along with two dogs, their family has learned to live with fear of wildfires and climate disruption while documenting their experience and finding comfort in a new reality.

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