Benjamin Hagin

Benjamin Hagin

Benjamin Hagin witnessed many memorable historical events during his life. For instance, in 1979 he witnessed Theodore Kaczynski’s bomb attacks which killed 3 and injured 23 individuals – which are remembered today as being among the worst acts ever carried out by terrorists.

He witnessed the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement while also living during this time. Now he is running for Missouri Senate District 22 against Dan Shaul from Imperial, Shane Roden from Cedar Hill and Mary Elizabeth Coleman from Arnold.

Early Life and Education

Hagin established Rhema Bible Training College in 1974 to educate pastors and evangelists from churches worldwide. Rhema Bible Training College now has locations all around the globe.

Hagin wrote more than 147 books on faith and over 65 million copies have been printed worldwide. Additionally, his teachings are supported by thousands of other evangelists and pastors who either graduated from Rhema Bible Training College or have been inspired by its principles.

Hagin and his family are members of Rhema Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Each July the church hosts outdoor and indoor camp meetings attended by thousands from around the globe; furthermore it boasts its Rhema Bible Institute of Ministry with campuses worldwide.

Professional Career

Hagin was elected to represent Missouri House District 112 from St Louis County between 2022-2024 before losing in a general election to incumbent Rob Vescovo. Hagin completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey in 2022 – you can read his responses by clicking here.

Ben Hagin is a popular name, with 10 residents of California and Texas bearing his name. According to public records, these individuals range in age from 45-66 years old and possess various occupations and skillsets; furthermore they have been involved in multiple lawsuits or arrests.

Achievement and Honors

Hagin over time established and developed various ministry platforms, such as The Word of Faith magazine and Faith Library Publications’s publishing outreach known as Faith Library Publications which together have sold more than 65 million books worldwide. Hagin completed more than 100 mission trips worldwide as well as speaking at over 200 churches and events globally.

Hagin and Lynette Hagin have five children together and reside at Crenshaw Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma with their extended family.

Hagin completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey in 2022; click here to read his responses and views.

Personal Life

Hagin travels the globe as an evangelist preaching messages on faith and healing, founding Rhema Bible Training Colleges as well as hosting the A Call to Arms men’s conference along with Lynette Hagin. Together they host Rhema Praise and Rhema for Today – weekly television programs/radio broadcasts nationwide that also spread God’s power across many areas of life. Hagin and Lynette Hagin host Living Faith Crusades all over the globe that emphasize its power over every area of life!

In 2022, he participated in Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey and answered a series of questions regarding his opinions on various issues. Click here to read his responses.

Net Worth

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At its height, the company had a net worth comparable to many modern economies’ GDPs.

Christian Life School of Theology in Columbus, Georgia presented him with an honorary doctorate in 1995 to recognize his outstanding apostolic and prophetic anointing and gifted teaching that has the ability to sift through complicated beliefs while unifying believers.

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