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Benjamin Lang Net Worth – Learn About His Biography, Age, Height, Parents, Children and More!

Benjamin Lang has amassed an estimated net worth of over $1.5 Million. Take a look at his bio, age, height, family life and much more here!

1855 January 20-organist Robert Neale played at Dr. Neale’s First Baptist, Somerset Street, Boston for their opening.

1857-1858 Three years of study in Europe: He crossed to Germany in May; however, his name does not appear on any ship passenger lists and likely traveled on foot.

Early Life and Education

Ben Lang was raised in Starkville, Mississippi where he attended Starkville High School. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University (cum laude), he earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of Mississippi.

He served in Vietnam. Later, he became a Polk County firefighter/EMT at Station 8 in Winter Haven and an active participant of Ridge Vocation/Technical Center.

Lang studied composition with Adriana Holszky, Johannes Schollhorn and Michael Edwards; music theory with Peter M. Wolf, Hubert Mossburger and Andreas Gursching; conducting with Giorgio Bernasconi among others; composition was taught at Hannover Bremen Rostock Osnabruck Universities while his philanthropy at Swarthmore has created or enabled 10 community spaces including Eugene & Theresa Lang Performing Arts Center and Lang Music Building.

Professional Career

In 1855 he was listed in the Boston Directory as a music teacher, by 1858 he had begun playing with Germania Band and held concerts alongside Adelaide Phillipps – also touring Europe in 1857.

Ben has advised a large Japanese consumer electronics company in its divestment of its U.S. assets, a Japanese public company in their acquisition of an American medical device manufacturer and an U.S. renewable energy company in their divestment of Japan-based projects. Furthermore, he has represented numerous public and private clients with regard to purchasing or selling foreign investments.

Ben currently serves as country manager France of Mollie, which offers payment solutions to professionals across Netherlands, Germany and France.

Personal Life

Benjamin Lang is an attorney practicing out of Starkville, Mississippi. A graduate of Starkville High School and Mississippi State University respectively, Benjamin then graduated law school at the University of Mississippi with his Juris Doctorate before joining Vollor & Lang PA as partner.

He has two children; Margaret Ruthven and Malcolm. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis as well as spending time with his family and two dogs. Additionally, he owns both a chicken coop and beehive at his Starkville residence, making art during his leisure hours, being part of New Covenant Church Starkville and rowing.

Net Worth

Benjamin Lang has amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. Take a look at Benjamin’s Biography, Age, Height, Parents and Family details here as well as exploring their Instagram, Facebook Twitter Wikipedia and YouTube accounts for further insight.

Studies were completed at Rostock, Luneburg and Bremen universities where he held teaching positions for composition, composition pedagogy and music theory. Later, he participated in a project at Glasgow’s MRC Centre for Virus Research using mice as disease models.

At the SCIoI he is researching social learning strategies in mice using synthetic modeling. Since 2011 he has made over 12 trades of ENPH stock and currently owns at least 202,828 units as of 28 July 2022 (according to SEC filings). Additionally he is listed in Forbes 400 list.

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