Benjamin Langford

Benjamin Langford – Find Out If You Are One of 689 Descendants of Benjamin Langford

Benjamin Langford has always had an affinity for flowers. Beginning as a child, he developed an interest in plants and gardens; visiting places known for their rich botanical culture whenever possible.

Benjamin can take great pride in what he has accomplished and left as his legacy.

Early Life and Education

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In 1805, he purchased 218 acres along Mush Creek in Greenville District’s Mush Creek fork of South Tygar River and farmed cotton and hogs while acting as Justice of the Peace, magistrate and commissioner.

Langford transforms the gallery with large-scale illusionistic sculptures in Late Summer that bloom and drape across its walls. He photographs plants at high resolution before hand-cutting and reassembling them to form soft tactile simulacra. These works invite viewers to investigate strange shapes, realistic textures and minute details that might otherwise go unnoticed; these forms encapsulate late summer’s frenetic energy while simultaneously celebrating introspection as a means of nurturing self-nurturing and growth.

Professional Career

Langford first made an impactful first impression as a carpenter on construction sites and framing houses during the early 1980s in Jacksonville, Florida, before meeting Haskell project manager Bob Gulden and accepting employment there. Over time he learned everything he could from being an apprentice all the way up to project management roles at Haskell.

Jordan Benjamin earned Atlantic 10 Conference Player of the Year honors this year after compiling a 15-5 singles record and contributing extensively in doubles play alongside junior Spencer Richey. As such, he will join other former Dayton Flyers tennis greats.

Achievement and Honors

Gertrude Langford Simmons established an impressive track record throughout her illustrious career. From being valedictorian of William H. Councill High School graduating class to earning summa cum laude status at Alabama A&M College, her drive for excellence never wavered.

At ENMU, she was also the inaugural female football coach and an All-LSC running back, leading the Hounds to their inaugural Chile Bowl victory and developing one of the top rushing attacks in NCAA Division II. Affectionately known as Beanie, she always put the needs of the team before herself; never fearful to go out on a limb for club welfare.

Personal Life

Benjamin Langford leads an eclectic lifestyle. His keen interest in gardening and flowers led to a passion for photography; additionally he enjoys hiking and traveling.

His most recent series, In the Greenhouse, explores botanical greenhouses as a poetic space. Contrasting with the whimsical exaggerations of his flower photographs, this series displays more serene and reflective nature which shows us the balance between nature and art.

Langford’s work encapsulates humanity’s reverence and fascination with flowers. His images harken back to 17th-century painting while reflecting extreme botanical detail in every detail. Furthermore, his images illustrate our relationship with plants as we gain greater knowledge of their natural histories – which led him to advocate for sustainable living practices.

Net Worth

Josephine Langford is an exquisite young lady. Standing at 5 ft 5 inches and boasting an alluring figure, Josephine is also an extremely gifted actress and currently single focusing on her acting career.

Langford holds numerous school records at Kansas, including being their all-time leading scorer and all-time leading rebounder. Additionally, she won various national championships as a member of three Final Four teams and many national tournaments.

After his time at Kansas University, Langford signed a one-year contract with Emporio Armani Milan and won both the Alphonso Ford Top Scorer Trophy and helped lead them to win the European Cup! Additionally he played for Maccabi Tel Aviv despite scoring 28 points during game 4, though unfortunately the series ended 3-1 against them. You may opt to disable cookies by setting your browser accordingly; however this may affect some aspects of our site from functioning correctly.

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