Benjamin Marchese

Benjamin Marchese, 32, of Limerick Township and Royersford, is a Wise Whistle Blower

Benjamin Marchse, 32, from Limerick Township and Royersford is charged with using Social Security numbers and personal data to fraudulently obtain loans and collect sales taxes and registration fees from vehicle sales – using these funds to pay his personal expenses, according to prosecutors.

He allegedly ran an elaborate scheme to damage customers, family and others’ credit ratings, according to their complaints.

Early Life and Education

Gig earned his bachelor’s degree at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and enjoyed golf and rooting for New York Yankees and Giants baseball games. Additionally, he loved spending time with family, grandchildren and traveling.

Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor reports that Marchese used Social Security numbers and birth dates of customers at his father’s dealerships in Limerick Township and Royersford to generate fraudulent auto loans in their names, using proceeds from those loans to purchase cars for himself, according to prosecutors. Castor asks anyone who believes they were victims to contact either his office in Skippack or state police in Skippack; more than 100 individuals were impacted and Marchese made over $5 Million profit according to prosecutors.

Professional Career

Ben was appointed Legal Counsel for a large public university, overseeing employment, industrial relations and workplace safety functions. Additionally, he provided clients with advice regarding litigation proceedings, legislation compliance matters and organisational strategies.

He specializes in federal, state and international income taxation for both businesses and high net worth individuals, to make sure their tax obligations are fulfilled while giving them a competitive edge in an ever-evolving economic climate.

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Achievement and Honors

Marchese enjoyed golf and traveling. His family and friends miss him deeply, however; he leaves behind parents Gina and William Marchese of Williamsport; daughter Savannah Delucia Marchese as well as sister Gina Marchese as legacy.

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Personal Life

Marchese is happily married to Lisa J. Marchese and has one child: Savannah Delucia Marchese. He currently resides in Cumberland Center, Maine.

Castor alleges in his criminal complaint against Marchese that he used the Social Security numbers and birth dates of family members and customers at his dealerships to submit fraudulent loan applications in their names, sometimes for vehicles never sold. Furthermore, Marchese failed to pay existing liens off for traded-in cars traded-in during sales transactions as well as issuing several bad checks.

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Net Worth

James Marchese shifted from pharmaceuticals to mortgage lending after leaving, becoming president of Mortgage Now and co-founding Box Jeannie shipping concierge app as well as owning several businesses including an IT firm he co-founded himself. Today he is worth an estimated $15 Million; having received whistleblower rewards against Cell Therapeutics and Bank of America respectively for reporting misconduct at both firms.

Marchese was charged with theft for using personal information stolen from family, employees and customers to create fake car loan documents with fraudulent intent to steal from financial institutions between 1999 and 2002 while managing BJ Marchese Auto World in Limerick and BJ Marchese Chevrolet in Royersford. To conceal his theft he attempted to make loan payments using loan proceeds that bounced checks as payments on these fake loans were also made from proceeds of these fake loans he created himself.

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