Benjamin McMichael

Benjamin McMichael

Benjamin McMichael is an assistant professor at the University of Alabama School of Law. He specializes in healthcare law and economics, focusing on medical malpractice litigation as well as punitive damages evidence.

Two days later, Czar McMichael opened fire on both of his grandparents at their residence on North Broad Street at 4600 block and remains detained by law.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin McMichael was born and raised in Summit Hill and Coaldale, Pennsylvania. For 30 years after graduation from Coaldale high school he worked as a machinist for Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company before retiring in 1961 and joining Summit Hill United Methodist Church. McMichael left behind his wife Alva and their son Benjamin; five grandchildren; six great-grandchildren were also part of their legacy. Benjamin McMichael earned both a BS degree in Mathematical Economics from Wake Forest University as well as JD/PhD degrees at Vanderbilt University while serving University Graduate Fellowship as articles editor on Vanderbilt Law Review articles editors’ collective.

Professional Career

Benjamin McMichael is an associate professor at the University of Alabama School of Law, and an expert in healthcare law and economics. His research utilizes empirical methods from social sciences – particularly economics – to generate new insight into how law influences healthcare delivery systems. His scholarship has been featured in journals like Stanford Law Review, University of Illinois Law Review and Lewis & Clark Law Review as well as in his own book entitled ‘Food Dignity: Community Food Security in Tompkins County’ as well as co-founding Groundswell Ithaca; previously served as law clerk to Judge Carolyn Dineen King on US Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit.

Achievement and Honors

At UNG’s 2023 Upper School Awards Ceremony and Senior Baccalaureate, Benjamin was recognized for his accomplishments in academics, leadership, service, fine arts, athletics and more. In addition to receiving recognition at these ceremonies and banquettes for academics, leadership service fine arts athletics he also won an University Graduate Fellow award as well as serving as law review articles editor under Judge Carolyn Dineen King of the US Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit and serving as law clerk to her. Finally he is listed in yearbook dedication page dedicated to Director Catherine Odum of College Counseling Services Catherine Odum!

Personal Life

Benjamin McMichael is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama School of Law where he specializes in healthcare law and economics. His interdisciplinary research utilizes empirical methods to gain new insight into how law influences healthcare delivery systems. He has published his scholarship in Stanford Law Review, Lewis & Clark Law Review and Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. In addition, his BS in Mathematical Economics came from Wake Forest University while both his JD and PhD in law and economics came from Vanderbilt University where he served as University Graduate Fellow while also acting law clerking to Judge Carolyn Dineen King from United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal Fifth Circuit.

On Thursday night in Philadelphia, a 22-year-old grandson shot his grandfather dead and wounded his step-uncle after they confronted each other about uncleanliness in his bedroom. He has been charged with murder as well as other offenses for these killings.

Net Worth

McMichael boasts a net worth of $3 Million and makes an annual income of more than a Million Dollars from his work, providing stability for himself and his family financially.

At high school, he displayed remarkable artistic talents. He painted wildlife scenes that have been showcased at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario and have also won provincial and Formosa Cup championships. Additionally, table-tennis is another form of expression as was demonstrated through provincial championship wins as well as Formosa Cup victories.

Ben was 11 when he first took an interest in computer programming and created his first database system using DBASE. Subsequently, he founded Linguasoft Corp to market this database system to libraries and bookstores; as more e-commerce websites began appearing online, Ben realized it would be more efficient for him to utilize an online comparison shopping engine than manually keying data from print sources.

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