Benjamin Newman

Benjamin Newman, MD – Emergency Medicine Specialist

Benjamin Newman, MD is an Emergency Medicine Specialist located in Lynchburg, VA with over 10 years of experience in his field. He graduated from Wright State University Main Campus.

Ben is an expert in Continual Peak Performance and international speaker who serves as peak performance coach to professional athletes, sales teams, and business executives around the world.

Early Life and Education

Ben is a graduate of Wall High School and Fordham University where he earned a B.A. He moved to Boston in 1992 where he has continued working at Westinghouse-owned WBZ-TV until today.

His one-man shows have traveled worldwide and his works can be found in public and private collections worldwide. His research expertise lies in quantitative political analysis; specifically he has explored race-based policing practices as well as public support for redistributive policies.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Ellen Madigan Newman and three daughters: Riley Elizabeth (aged 3.5), Caitrin Mary and Teagan Alice (17 months). Additionally he leaves behind his mother, grandmother, four devoted sister- and brother-in laws such as Kathy Dickinson, Frank Tietje, Mary Fran and Richard Bauchspies, as well as ten nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Ben Newman is an esteemed Master of Continuous Peak Performance, International Speaker, and Best-Selling Author who coaches professional athletes, collegiate sports teams, business executives and sales organizations worldwide. Ben created YOUR Prizefighter Day as a personal guide for reaching optimal performance across all aspects of life.

Since 1991, he has practiced law throughout Florida from the Panhandle to Keys as a litigator, most recently as part of a national firm. His litigation expertise includes medical malpractice cases as well as nursing home negligence and transportation liability issues as well as insurance defense and coverage matters.

Ben advocates for maintaining a positive mindset and the importance of creating environments which foster it – whether that means listening to your favorite tunes in the car on your way to appointments, or scheduling meditation breaks throughout your workday.

Achievement and Honors

Ben has been providing peak performance coaching to top salespeople, athletes and executives worldwide through his books, educational content, coaching programs and podcast. His clients include Microsoft, United States Army, Quicken Loans and Anheuser-Busch InBev – just to name a few!

Dr. Hockstein also serves as a clinical instructor in the Department of Ophthalmology at Pennsylvania State University Medical School Hershey Medical Center and conducts extensive research in intraocular lens development; today his work can be seen worldwide.

Newman has long been involved in advocating for social justice issues, from representing several landmark constitutional cases before the Missouri Supreme Court and testifying before state lawmakers regarding voting rights, to speaking at corporate events and universities on leadership and personal development topics.

Personal Life

Ben Newman has worked with people all around the globe to help them reach their full potential and realize success in business and sports. His philosophy for success lies in passion and pursuit as well as changing people’s thinking for long-term achievement.

He studied for two years at Columbia University before returning to Freiburg for his post-doctorate, where he came under the influence of Martin Heidegger. For his dissertation he developed ideas similar to those advanced by Heidegger later. [21]

Ben Newman and Ami Vincent Newman have two children together: Isaac and Kennedy Rose. They live in St Louis together. Additionally, Ben hosts his own podcast called The Burn.

Net Worth

Newman is widely recognized as a Peak Performance Coach to executives, sales teams and top athletes across NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB and UFC leagues. An internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, Newman also hosts The Burn podcast where top performers from sports and business share their full stories of success.

Ben’s books, educational content, coaching programs, podcasts and live events have helped millions of people and some of the world’s leading organizations unlock their true potential. Ben resides in St Louis with Ami and their two children J. Isaac and Kennedy Rose who serve as testament to his success; Ben graduated with honors from Granite Bay High School.

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