Benjamin Ristow

Ethan Benjamin Ristow, PhD, Winner of the Ristow Prize in Cartography

Professor Ristow has conducted extensive research into metabolic regulation with particular attention paid to how age-related diseases develop, how these processes are altered by medication, dietary supplements or genetics; his expertise will now be shared at Charite Berlin where he will continue investigating human metabolism’s role in health and longevity.

Professional Career

Ristow currently works as Audience Strategist at BlueLena, supporting publisher teams in identifying and implementing audience and revenue growth opportunities across their products, services and solutions portfolio. She also oversees digital and print audience development efforts for our clients.

With public records and other sources, we were able to locate 7 people with the name Benjamin Ristow in the US. They live across 10 states between 33 and 68 years old; most reside in Wisconsin followed by California and Arizona. Their most common occupations are teaching and writing; their works have been published in BOMB, AmBIT, Indiana Review.

Achievement and Honors

The Ristow Prize is awarded annually by the Washington Map Society to a paper that makes an exceptional contribution to cartographic history research. Three persons with relevant expertise judge these submissions; they can include members of WMS as well as academics, archivists or collectors.

Ben’s research explores how C. neoformans interacts with its environment through both molecular and morphological approaches. He has published numerous journal articles, presented at international conferences and received various awards for his efforts.

Ben has worked as both a Research Colleague and Writing Colleague within the First Year Seminar program. Furthermore, he has composed over 40 dance scores including collaborations with David Shimotakahara at GroundWorks Dance Theater and Amy Miller from Gibney Dance in New York City.

Personal Life

Ethan Benjamin Ristow vanished on August 21, 2021 while driving along Beeline Highway (State Route 87) between Fountain Hills and Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community when his vehicle vanished without trace. Police continue their investigation. Ethan Benjamin is survived by both parents and siblings.

He is married with one daughter and two sons and serves as pastor at his church in Bozeman, Montana. In his free time he likes reading poetry and writing poetry as well as learning more about religion – especially biblical texts that impact lives greatly – while sharing stories about his family, friends, and church members with his audience.

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