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Ben Wilcox

Ben Wilcox (he/him) has become an integral part of Philadelphia City Hall through his role as communications intern for Councilmember at Large Isaiah Thomas. His internship primarily addresses public quality of life issues pertaining to litter in Philadelphia streets.

He serves as Scientific Director for Birmingham University’s Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre.

Early Life and Education

Ben Wilcox is a Temple University graduate student working as a communications intern for Philadelphia City Councilman Bill Thomas. He credits Assistant Professor of Communication Guillermo Caliendo and Klein College Career Services with helping him secure this internship position. Since starting work two months ago, Wilcox has put to use all the knowledge he gained through classes on a daily basis – impressing Thomas who says how far he’s come since taking on his role.

Wilcox represents Minnesota’s Eighth Judicial District, including Big Stone, Chippewa, Crow Wing, Grant, Lac qui Parle, Kandiyohi, Meeker Pope Renville Swift Traverse Yellow Medicine counties. Additionally he was appointed to serve on the Minnesota Board of Criminal Justice which is an administrative body under state government; before that he served in military police service.

Professional Career

Ben Wilcox has dedicated much of his career to seeking professional development opportunities that allow him to flourish personally and professionally. His strong analytical mind and research-based approach to problem-solving has seen him excel both in private sector environments and public service roles.

Wilcox Law Office, P.A. in Benson is led by partner Jonathan Wilcox who serves as City Attorney of Benson and Kerkhoven as well as Assistant City Attorneys in Clontarf, Danvers, DeGraff Holloway Murdock Clontarf Danvers DeGraff Holloway Murdock Clontarf Danvers DeGraff Holloway Murdock Clontarf Danvers DeGraff Holloway Murdock Clontarf Danvers Danvers DeGrafff Holloway Murdock He is involved with civil cases that involve real estate transactions as well as estate planning, small business formation issues.

He serves as a board member of both the Robert Sonsteng Foundation and Southwest Initiative Foundation – two community-driven organizations which invest in communities located throughout southwestern and central Minnesota.

Achievement and Honors

He is a diligent and hard-working student who thoroughly enjoys learning. He appreciates small class sizes where professors recognize him as an individual student. Additionally, he belongs to several clubs and interns at Camden Farmers’ Market.

He has received multiple honors and awards, such as the Shannon Schieber prize given annually to a graduating senior who best exemplifies Catholic Social Teaching qualities of service and character in Catholic Social Teaching. Furthermore, he serves as part of CMDS’ Technology Hub within its Protein Expression Facility.

He’s an outstanding teacher who clearly outlines concepts and makes himself available for questions. Although his homework assignments can be long, and tests challenging, they’re fair – there is no attempt at scoring up or down; rather he expects that you know all the material just like he does.

Personal Life

Ben Wilcox, affectionately known by all who knew him as Smokey, was an amazing individual with an enormously kind heart who will be dearly missed by all who knew him. He enjoyed spending time with his family, playing sports and traveling – being particularly fond of discussing politics and sports topics with those closest to him.

Though he possessed the qualifications for successful medical practice, after carefully considering his career he concluded that teaching would offer him more long-term utility; so he decided to enter this profession with full intent of succeeding and an unwavering determination to reach success. His public career was remarkable while his private life reflected purity and joy – an outstanding balance between temperance and dignity that prevented any offensive approaches and silenced imposition from others.

Net Worth

His extensive knowledge of financial markets and macroeconomics has allowed him to create numerous research projects which have been published both scholarly and non-scholarly publications. These efforts have significantly advanced understanding of labor market dynamics while shaping policy development across numerous areas.

Wilcox currently resides at 3520 Cadwallader Sonk Rd in Cortland OH 44410 and founded Wilcox Financial and Wilcox Sports Management to offer high-level financial advice to his diversified clientele. As a three-time All-American athlete himself, his authentic presence enables him to recognize innovative planning opportunities for clients.

As per SEC filings, he has made one insider transaction in Universal Insurance Holdings Inc (UVE). His purchases outperformed benchmark returns within three months after their purchases.

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