Best Base For Th10

Best Base For TH10

Among the many types of bases, the best base for TH10 is one with a town hall at the core. The town hall is located in a strategic spot close to other defensive buildings like the Tesla’s tower and the Inferno tower. The defensive buildings are strategically placed to take down enemy troops.

This type of base is designed with different compartments that surround the core to make it hard for an attacker to reach it. This is a good strategy if you’re looking to defend against most types of attacks. The compartments and storage areas also make it difficult for attackers to snipe or collect. It is also a good choice to farm because it protects Dark Elixir storage, and keeps attackers away.

Another base layout is the coc layout. It’s composed of multiple compartments that are connected by a wall. This allows you to safely place your troops. One segment of the clan will have the clan castle, while another will have the town on the outside, with a strong army. You’ll also want to place your TH10 archer queen and barbarian king alters in one section. You’ll also want to distribute defense towers and resource towers throughout your clan.

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