Best Base Town Hall 8

The Best Base in Town Hall 8

There are many types of bases at Town Hall 8. There is, for example, the trophy base. This base is ideal for protecting resources against 3-Star attackers, while war bases focus attention on the upcoming CWL. These bases have separate compartments that can serve as bulkheads and confuse attackers. These bases also have a large dead zone compartment in the center of the base.

You can use the town hall 8 base design for your own base design. These bases should be able to spread shadows, however. In addition, they should also have compartments for buildings. These buildings can be difficult to construct, but you can easily copy these designs for your village.

Another style of base is the farming base. This type has storages spread around the base, making it difficult for attackers to grab them all. It is also hard for attackers to 3-Star this base. The farming base also uses a ring-style defense strategy to protect its core. This base has a downside: you will need to collect Dark Elixir, which can be quite difficult.

The trophy base is more of an intermediate base than a pushing one, as it is not fully exposed like the hardcore pushing one. Although the storages aren’t completely exposed, they can be used to stockpile resources and push cups. The Town Hall is the central feature of a farming base. All other storages are located around it. This base is ideal for farming, protecting and conserving resources, and preserving resources.

The GoWipe strategy will be slowed down by the best base at Town Hall 8. It also has Archer Towers, which are important features. These towers can be used to slow down an attacker’s GoWipe strategy. It is also undefeated. You can use it as a war base as well.

The next level is townhall 9, which has heavy-grind. This requires strategic base design and a lot of time. In townhall 7, you need to upgrade your lab and Elixir, which are both important buildings, but also the most powerful buildings in the game. You will also need to upgrade the Dark Spell Factory.

There are many different types of bases available in Town Hall 8. Choose the best one for your game style. A War Base will confuse attackers by offering lots of paths, which confuse attackers. A Trophy Base, on the other hand, will protect resources and trophies. A Trophy base also includes a Dark Elixir Storage in its core.

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