Best Builder Hall 4 Base

The Best Builder Hall 4 Base

The best Builder Hall 4 base is the one that controls the pathing of attacking troops. You can also build an Archer Tower and a Cannon to funnel your troops. The advantage of this base is that it works well against many popular attacking strategies. This base can win the game if you can manage a solid 2 star attack.

A barch is a risky strategy at Builder Hall 4 but can have good payoffs. You should make sure that you divide the space between barbarians and archers. You should also try to avoid the mega mines and the crusher. This will prevent you from a crushing blow to the base.

A good builder hall 4 base will also be well-defended. A base that has a high concentration of archers and cannons will be able to hold off any attacker. These are some examples of the most impressive builder hall 4 base layouts. Click the button to copy them.

Another example of a good builder hall 4 base is the arrowhead base. It is located outside the clan and is surrounded by a hard wall. This base will keep air attacks at bay. This layout is not for everyone. It takes a lot of time and effort to unlock each building.

It is possible to get one star in BH4, but it will take some effort to achieve two stars. You will need to upgrade your hall in order to achieve this. This upgrade costs two hundred thousand gold and takes one day. You will also be able to unlock 5 additional buildings. In addition, this upgrade gives you an additional Double Cannon and a Hidden Tesla.

Precision is another important aspect of this base. Builder Hall 4 players can be wiped out by precision beta minions. These minions use pure air attack to kill fellow minions. If you’re using beta minions, polish the base. Next, rush to the Builder Hall.

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