Best Clash Royale Deck Arena 2

The Best Clash Royale Decks For Arena 2 and Arena 3

When it comes to Clash Royale, the best Arena 2 decks are those that can clear out an entire skeleton army in a matter of seconds. The best Arena 2 decks are also those that will cater to all strategies. Below, we have listed a few popular decks in Arena 2.

Giant Skarmy Arena 2 Deck: This Arena 2 Clash Royale deck offers a great balance between offensive and defensive potential. This deck is also known as the ultimate weapon and is recommended for players that are moving up to Arena 3. If you’re not sure what Arena 2 decks are the best ones for you, check out the top Clash Royale decks for both Arena 2 and Arena 3!

Skeletons: Skeletons are a great choice because they are cheap and versatile. They also have excellent defense and are an excellent choice to finish enemies. Tombstone: The Tombstone attracts structure attackers. Baby Dragon: A flying unit that deals splash damage, this unit can help you push back the enemy and is an ideal companion for the Giant.

Giant: This deck is built around a giant and uses Fireball, arrows, and a musketeer to deal damage. A skeleton army is another great option that can help you populate the field with units. Archers also offer good damage for small units.

Clash Royale: This mobile game uses eight cards in a deck. Players use these cards to attack enemy towers and defend their own. There are dozens of decisions to make during the course of a match, and knowing how to pick the best cards is essential for success. If you use the right cards, you’ll be able to destroy the enemy and win the battle.

Mortar: The best player in the game has a Mortar cycle deck. It can outcycle the enemy’s defenses and destroy their tower in one go. The deck consists of low-cost supports troops, a tank, and a ranged attacker with splash damage. The giant offers another alternative attack, and the archer can help ward off swarms.

Musketeer: While a Musketeer can deal massive damage, a Musketeer is best placed behind the Giant to protect it from air defense. The Musketeer can also be used as a support for the Giant and Baby Dragon. It’s easy to get and level up, and can deal great damage to the enemy tower.

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