Best Craft Essence Fgo

Best Craft Essence in FGO

Craft essences increase the skills and abilities of allies. This makes them more effective in various situations. Craft Essences with Tier A and B effects are the most useful for a range of different situations. In addition, they are ideal for reviving your party after they die. And they also increase overall defense. However, you should be aware of their negative effects.

If you want the best craft essence in FGO, you can use Imaginary Scramble. This craft essence has a 60% start NP charge and a max limit. It cannot be used on the Japanese or global servers. Besides, the Imaginary Scramble is a crafting tool that has a high rate up.

Volumen Hydragyrum CE has a similar effect but has a greater ATK boost. It can’t be cancelled by Remove Buff. It’s also easy to MAX Limit Break. It’s a good option if you need to maximize Critical Damage.

Divine Craft Essence is another craft essence that you can purchase. This item is useful for Divine servants as it provides NP charge and gives damage. You should note that Divine Craft Essence does not work on berserkers and only works against Divine. This is because Divine servants have higher damage and are only useful against Divine.

You should consider your overall strategy, and the classes you wish to use, before you decide on the best Craft Essence. The more you have of each class, the easier it is to counter your enemy. You should also make sure that you have a good mix of different Craft Essences. Some of them can increase the stats and durability of your Servants.

Mash is another character to add to your party. Mash is free and can be used to carry your party through the story. It also provides bonuses during events. It is worth leveling up his skills and ascension to help him gain skill materials and experience. Also, he can carry crafting essences for you when you are on an event.

The most effective Craft Essence increases your NP gauge every turn. This means you can survive enemy attacks longer. This effect cannot be negated with the opponent’s remove bonus. In addition to its great effects, it also costs less than normal Craft Essences. This can be very useful for High Difficulty Quests or strong enemies in the Main Story.

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