Best Daggers In Conan Exiles

Best Daggers in Conan Exiles

You’ve found the best Conan Exiles daggers. Here are the top five daggers with the most powerful stats. The savage dagger, for example, has infinite charges and is the lightest dagger in the game. In addition, it has Arcane Enchantment and Ebony Ingot for extra power. The savage dagger is only obtained by killing Silus Vesuius, so you will need to kill him first in order to get one.

The Daedric Dagger is the second-best Conan Exiles dagger. It has high base damage. It has similar stats as the Dragonbone Dagger or Mehrunes’ Razor and can be upgraded with an Ebony Igot. You’ll need four crafting materials to craft it, and it can be purchased from blacksmiths and merchants. Those who want to be the darkest may want to consider equipping this dagger to kill the enemies they encounter.

Another powerful weapon is the Dagger of Dagon. It can be used to attack enemies and heal yourself. Its powerful slash rips flesh and deals tremendous wounds. It is also resistant to Reaper Poison. You can also learn the Dagger Of Dagon Feat by interfacing with the tablet behind the Ritual Keeper at the Sunken City.

The Akbitanan Throwing knife is a ranged weapon that deals 57 points of damage. It is available from the End of All Hope, but you can only obtain it through defeating bosses. Since it is a ranged weapon, it is useful against enemies that are heavily armored.

The Grey Ones’ Axe is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a two-handed axe. It can be crafted and deals 66 damage to enemies. Likewise, the Grey Ones’ Mace can deal 62 damage to enemies.

Daggers are great for assassinations, but they can be difficult to stealth if you’re not careful. However, daggers can help you kill easily and quickly without leaving a trail behind. Daggers are also lightweight, fast, and powerful. This makes them a great choice for players who are looking for an effective way to commit assassination.

The Akbitanan Shield is another good option, with a high damage output. It is made from the best steel in the country. The smiths of the Atkbitanan people claim it is unbreakable, and it also offers high protection.

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