Best Death Wizard Pet

Best Death Wizard Pet

For the best death wizard pet, you should choose the Ghulture, Deathdactyl, or Avenging Fossil. Both of these pets come with a great attack and defense card. Fossil and Ghulture both have the trait feint, while Deathdactyl and Avenging Fossil give a deathblade that can be stacked for a great deal of damage. The most popular trait on both is Triple Double with Mighty, which is very high damage and high resist.

While Scotty Dog pets are extremely rare, they’re extremely adorable companions. They’re available in three packs, each with a different gear set for each class. While these gear sets look decent, they’re not particularly high-end. So, you may want to consider a different type of death wizard pet. We’ve outlined some of the most popular ones below. You can also read our guide to finding the best death wizard pet.

The up arrow key will increase your damage against your opponent, while the down arrow key decreases your damage against yourself. Up arrow key is for when your opponent makes a symbol and is about to hit you. If you hit yourself, wizard101 freezes. If your opponent can’t see you, they’re wasting their time. You’ll lose your turn if they’re not able to use the up arrow key.

If you have a Death wizard, go for a Skeleton Pirate. It has high health, good damage output, and a Ghoul attack, and it’s easy to see why a Death wizard would have a devoted following. Its survivability is also a huge asset, which is why they’re the most versatile pet in the game. If you can find a Skeleton Pirate, you can upgrade it with a Tough and a Lifesteal pet to add even more damage.

The Sea Dragon is another good choice. This pet is not intended for fire wizards, but is one of the first pets with high stats and no selfish talent. Luckily, the popularity of Desk Pets has only continued to grow. These cute little 3D animals make great incentives and fun rewards for your characters. You can buy them in any pet store or vendor, and they’ll be available for your wizard as long as you have an account!

The Aura pets give you an additional 25% damage boost, so choose one with a +25% damage boost for your character. Aura pets are better than Pain-Giver as they’ll give you better damage overall, especially against enemies who are using your abilities to do more damage. Balance-Giver and Storm-Giver both have jewels that can improve their stats. You can also choose a Brace if you want to have the most damage.

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