Best Deck For Arena 1

Best Deck For Arena 1

There are many factors that go into building a best deck for arena 1. It’s important to choose a deck that has a good mix of air and ground damage. Aggressive decks can melt towers quickly, but they are also limited by their lack of defensive options. You can build a deck that will defeat similar decks and avoid spamming cards if you are new to Arena.

Although it may seem trivial, your Arena matches will be decided by the deck you choose. Clash Royale can be a competitive game so it is important to choose a deck that gives you an advantage over your opponents. The best decks provide all the skills players need to succeed.

If you’re not sure what cards you should put in your deck, here’s a list of some of the best decks for Arena 1. Start by looking for a deck with multiple characters that can be countered by your opponent. This deck will often include a musketeer and archers, as well as mini Pekka. It also has a Giant, which serves as the best tank in the deck, as it can tank critical damage.

A good choice for arena 1 is to build a deck that has minions and flying troops. Your deck will be able to attack and defend against many opponents. Alternatively, you can choose a deck with ground troops like musketeers, spear goblins, and archers, which will attack air targets.

Arena 1 also includes a Goblin Stadium where you can find the most powerful cards. However, you must go through the Training Camp Tutorial before unlocking these cards, so you may not have access to them all the time. Regardless, Baby Dragon and arrows can provide splash damage against groups of weak enemies. Arena 1 decks are more reactive than they are aggressive, so be ready to save Elixir for strong cards and make every attack count!

Despite being cheap, Goblins are a very effective card to have in your deck. They can combine with any tank and even destroy towers. If you want to reach higher trophy levels, Bomber is another card you should consider. This card is extremely effective against Spear Goblins and Barbarians. This card is also great for setting up defense behind a tanky frontline.

Another deck for Arena 1 is a Giant deck. It is intended for double-lane pushing. This deck can be played by waiting until you have double, ten or more elixir. Then play your giant and prince. Then, add the musketeer in front of the giant. It’s also wise to play a Musketeer to protect yourself against an opponent’s push.

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