Best Deck For Jungle Arena

A Good Deck For the Jungle Arena

A good deck for the jungle arena is one that is strong at both offense and defense. The goblin is a great choice because of his versatility. It can be used to draw attention and protect against ground-based attackers, and the double prince works well as a defensive card. Moreover, it can win games in the Arena of Death.

There are many versions of this deck, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The Classic Deck is a strong one, but its F2P-friendly variant is more offensive and has better DPS. It now comes with 2 more baiting cards, Rascal boys and Rascal girls. This deck has a high DPS against heavy tanks. It can also use the Prince Barrel combo against them when they are low on elixir.

If you are looking for a balanced deck, the Mini PEKKA deck might be a good option. It has good offense and defense, and it’s very easy to set up pushes with the Mini PEKKA. It’s also a good choice against the giant and Hog archetypes.

If you are looking to play F2P, the Zap deck is a great option. It has several win conditions and one epic card. It’s very useful at high levels and can tank a tower with Miner while destroying it with Balloon. This deck has one drawback: it doesn’t offer many defensive options. You’ll need to be creative with your Hog Rider or other cards.

Arena 8 has powerful strategies that can be used with the Freeze spell. If combined with a timely Balloon, it can quickly take down a tower. However, your opponent can still defend his tower. You can use the Freeze spell to take out the Elixir Collector.

Another option is to use charge cards. The Dark Prince and the Ice Golem can help you push heavy units back. The Electro dragon’s chain lighting ability makes it a great counter to support cards and swarm troops. It can also be used defensively because it is low-cost. This makes it a great option if you need to punish your opponent’s high-cost cards.

For budget-minded players, the Barbarian Barrel deck can be a great choice. This deck should not contain any new Legendaries or Epics. Usually, this deck requires a Barbarian Barrel, Mini PEKKA, Musketeer, Skeleton Army, and Valk Control.

The Hog Rider deck is another good option. This deck is versatile and has many uses. It can cycle back to your opponent’s hog counter before you do, giving you the opportunity to get more hits on the target tower. It can also be used with other troops. It is also an excellent deck for pushing. It can be combined with any troop to increase defense. In addition, this deck also offers great damage reduction.

While the Trifecta deck uses a lot of similar cards and modifications, it can counter most decks and is surprisingly affordable. It has the inferno for protecting its golem and Princess to splash damage on the troops supporting it. The Knight can also be used to support the troops. The Tornado Golem can attack air with incredible speed, but it also has excellent defensive capabilities.

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