Best Deck For Super Lava Hound Challenge

Best Deck For Super Lava Hound Challenge

If you’re looking for the best deck for the Super Lava Hound challenge, then this guide is for you. This guide will cover everything, from which cards to use to how to play them. Choosing the right deck will mean more wins for your team, and a lot less frustration.

The Lava Hound is one the most iconic cards in the game. He can endanger your opponent’s tower, and do high damage to those around it. He’s also one of the most durable and powerful air forces in the game. When played correctly, this legendary card can win you countless games.

A good way to counter a Lava Hound is to use the Executioner. A high-damage Executioner can hit a lot of troops at once, including the Lava Pups. To avoid any damage, a good Lava Hound can be lured by other swarms.

The Goblin Cage is another good option for a defensive deck. This deck has high hitpoints and is very useful in defending. Although it doesn’t do much damage by itself, it can tank ground troops and allow other units to counterattack. A Lava Hound can disable a tower with a tank by attacking it with its claws.

The Skeleton King deck is another good choice for the Super Lava Hound Challenge. This deck is powerful and summons a whole cemetery. It is also very effective against counter pushing. In addition, the Skeleton King is an excellent choice for the deck because he can bring in an elite barb to shut down an air enemy. It also has the advantage of being able to quickly respond to enemy attacks.

As I said, there’s no one perfect deck for the Super Lava Hound Challenge. You’ll need to use a combination of cards to make sure you win. In addition to this, if you have enough Gold, you’ll also receive Legendary cards for every win. If you lose three times, you’ll lose the challenge and have to pay 15 gems to re-enter.

Aside from the legendary Lava Hound, you’ll also get a few other cards to build your deck. A good deck for this challenge will have at least two Lava Hounds and a powerful legendary token. You’ll have plenty to do with these cards if you combine them to create a powerful Super Lava Hound deck.

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