Best Decks For Arena 15

Best Decks For Arena 15

There are many options when it comes to Arena 15. The Clash Royale deck uses the popular Clash Royale warriors. This deck can be used to alternate between defensive and offensive units. It also requires a lot of elixir. This deck can be great depending on how you build it.

This deck consists of four heroes with different strengths and weaknesses. Lava Hound is the strongest of these decks, as it can apply constant pressure to the opposing side of the arena. It also works well with Goblin Drill. It has one problem: it is rare.

The classic deck has seen some changes with the new season. The Miner has become more effective against tanky cards. The Bomb Tower now has a five second life. This makes it an ideal deck for players who want Bomb Tower defense for a long period of time. This deck is very popular among players who don’t like to wait around for their Elixir gauge to fill up. Furthermore, this deck has a fast rotation cycle and is very easy to learn.

The Classic deck is a strong defensive deck that relies on almost all bridge cards. Pekka’s ability to deal high damage makes her an excellent tank. The royal ghost will also help you chip away at your opponent’s tower’s HP. The classic deck also gives you plenty of wins. It’s also strong on defense and can make your opponents weep.

Arena 15 offers several decks. You should choose the one that suits your style and strategy. These can include cards like xbow, rocket, mortar, flying machine, log, and more. The best Arena 15 deck combines the Battle Healer with other characters like Elixir golem, Pekka, and royal hog.

Arena 13 unlocks new cards including the Scrapper. You can use this card to counter the Inquisitor. It is important to get the card as soon and make the most of it in your deck. If you are unsure which card you should use, you can focus on the common cards first.

Another great deck for Arena 15 is the Three Musketeers. This deck is versatile and can be used for many purposes. It can be used to help your towers deal huge damage and manage the battle. You can even use it for summoning units, which doesn’t require much elixir but can provide a high level of speed against your opponent.

Playing against different decks is a great way to discover which decks are most effective. This will allow you to improve your skills and learn how to play them. You might also want to adjust your deck to address a weakness.

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