Best Distance Drivers Disc Golf

Innova Makes Some of the Best Distance Drivers in Disc Golf

Innova makes some of the best distance drivers in the disc golf industry. Their DD-100 Distance Driver is a top seller and has an excellent star rating. Although it isn’t as fast as the Thunderbird, it is a reliable workhorse and will give intermediate players extra distance. It also has a low turn of zero, which makes it ideal for tight fairways.

MVP has also made a series of distance drivers with wider rims. These drivers are a little different from other discs because of their bigger rim. These drivers are perfect for those who like to play with fuller discs. Some people find them too heavy and difficult to use.

Another disc that has an impressive glide is the Innova Roc3 Mid Range. It’s similar to the Innova Aviar but has a greater range. It also has a subtle fade near the end of the flight. This is a great choice for disc golf beginners.

A disc’s speed is also important. Some have a low speed, while others have a high speed. Higher speeds will allow the discs to fly further, but it will require more practice. Discs with lower speeds will tend to fade to the left. The more stable discs will give a higher distance.

The Roadrunner is another option. Its low fade rating makes it a safe choice for beginners, but developing players will quickly outgrow the Roadrunner. It will be a faster roller disc. Innova also produces durable, eye-catching Metal Flake Champion Roadrunners, which are popular with the Innova sponsored pros.

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