Best Hazard Pokémon Sword And Shield

Best Hazard Pokemon Using Sword and Shield

Ferrothorn is the most hazard-user in the OU Tier. It has great mixed bulk, excellent defensive Steel /Grass typing and Leech Seed recovery. It also has Gyro Ball off 20 base speed and Power Whip which are very powerful entry hazards. Ferrothorn’s downside is its difficulty in setting up and its vulnerability to physical attacks. Nonetheless, this hazard-setting Pokemon is a great choice for the competitive metagame.

This strategy is extremely effective, but it has its limitations. Pokemon that use Sticky Web include Araquanid, Galvantula, and Smeargle. Battles can be impacted by Entry Hazards. Although most competitive metagames have Entry Hazards, it is important to remember that it does not completely eliminate counterplay.

This strategy is especially important when building a team for a ranked battle. The Cinderace has great speed and a great Hidden ability. It also has an excellent Attack stat. It can protect your team with its Rapid Spin ability and Natural Cure ability to heal status conditions. As an added bonus, it’s an excellent choice for teams with a NU-tier.

Defog is another useful move for Skarmory, which allows it to clear hazards on both sides of the field. The ability can also be maximized with proper timing. The Skarmory can also bring Toxic, Roost, and Whirlwind, which will force your opponent to take entry hazard damage.

Tentacruel is another good hazard Pokémon. This Pokemon from Gen 3 games is great for hazard control, and has a decent range of attacks. Its powerful attack has a strong combination of physical and electric attacks, and it can even tank physical hits after its Shell Smash. Its hazard defense is high, and it’s able to set its own layer of spikes and toxic spikes, which is a great tool for defending yourself from enemies.

Tornadus-T is another great choice, but it’s a little out of place and not as iconic as Lando-T. It is a strong, bulky Pokemon with great offense and has a variety of build options. If you’re not sure about which hazard Pokemon to buy, consider buying a set that has a range of options.

As mentioned earlier, entry hazards are a core part of the competitive Pokemon metagame, and are unlikely to change in Gen VIII. It is important to be familiar with all hazards in the game and how to combat them. You can dominate your opponents with the right strategy.

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