Best Healing Cookies Cookie Run Kingdom

The Best Healing Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

In the gacha game Cookie Run Kingdom, healing Cookies are essential to the success of your party. They keep the rest of the Cookies alive, allowing them to kill enemies. There are six types of healers, but it is important to choose the best for your party. Here are some of the best healers to use in this game.

The Mala Sauce cookie is the highest CRIT cookie in the game. This cookie is the strongest in the starter squad and the most effective at healing one target. It also provides a shield of short duration. Mala Sauce cookies heal more HP per target than Vanilla or Herb Cookies.

Although they are more powerful than the Onion’s Charge Cookies, their attack damage is lower. They also suffer less damage from debuffs. They are particularly useful in PVP situations, where they can stun a partner. The Cotton Cookie is great in other metas but the Herb Cookie is superior in Kingdom Arena.

The Herb Cookie is the strongest healer in the game. It heals for 44.2% ATK of your party, and it sprouts to heal even more. In addition to healing, it also removes all debuffs from party members. This cookie is a rare Epic cookie, but it has a 0.082% chance of dropping.

Affogato Cookie is another cheap option. It can save your bacon. Its AOE is strong enough to hit two enemies at once. It can be strengthened with Searing Raspberries, but has a weaker DEF Down debuff than Dark Choco. The Princess Cookie also gives a lower DEF than Dark Choco.

Herb is easy to use, has great damage and is highly effective. This healer should be used against PVP teams, particularly those who have a Vampire Cookie. Pure Vanilla is more effective in PVP than Herb. The Herb doesn’t move away from you while healing, which is nice if your team has a Vampire Cookie.

The Charge Cookie can draw aggro from enemy units. Although the Pomegranate Cookie does not perform well in PVP, it can help your survival against AOE nukers. It gives your team an ATK boost. Although it doesn’t heal much, its ability to withstand high damage makes it an excellent teammate.

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