Best Ice Cream In Sacramento

The Best Ice Cream in Sacramento

In Sacramento, California, you can find the best ice cream around. Many popular spots offer a wide variety of flavors. There are also many places that specialize in one kind of treat. Whether you’re craving a sundae or a burger, you’ll likely find the perfect flavor here. These establishments also offer American-style cuisine if you are looking for something more substantial.

One of the best Sacramento ice cream shops is Devil May Care. Although the West Sacramento location is closed now, its icecream was so popular that Bee readers voted it best. It received nearly half of the 3,756 votes in the Bee’s poll. In the next poll, it gained another 666 votes and secured 47% of the vote. Gunther’s Ice Cream, another Sacramento favorite, has been making scoops since 1940. It uses only the finest ingredients and has won numerous awards for its ice-cream.

Whether you’re craving a sweet treat for dessert or something a little healthier, there’s a Sacramento ice cream place for you. There are more than 40 flavors to choose from so you can find the perfect icecream. Try a 50/50 smoothie – a combination of two fruity sherbet flavors and a vanilla scoop. And, if you’re vegetarian, there’s a vegetarian option for you as well.

Gunther’s Ice Cream is one of the best in California, according to Food & Wine magazine. Their black walnut ice cream and lemon custard are some of their specialties. This establishment has been in the business since the 1940s, and they still make their own ice cream from the original recipe. The creams are made with a higher percentage of butterfat than commercial brands.

Vics Creamery is another Sacramento institution. The famous ice cream parlor serves handcrafted icecream and Mexican fruit drinks. You can also order a waffle or banana split, crazy cucumber, a sundae or donut press, as well as traditional ice cream flavors. A few of the more unusual flavors are even available fat-free.

Artisan Ice Cream Shop in West Sacramento offers more than 300 handcrafted flavors. The former co-owners at The Eatery, the owners are well-known for their innovative flavors. The Sac Bee voted it the best Ice Cream Parlor in 2021. They even offer a monthly special!

In addition to ice cream, a Sacramento spot offers some of the best ice cream sandwiches in California. The company is located in the trendy Curtis Park district. Gunther’s uses high-quality cream and slow-churning techniques to create its delicious frozen treats. There are more than 40 flavors on their menu, including maple nut, black walnut, and pistachio.

Rocky Road Ice Cream is an adventurous flavor. This dessert has a chocolate base with gooey marshmallow pieces. It’s like eating a chocolate s’more, but in ice cream form!

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