Best R301 Iron Sights

How to Find the Best R-301 Iron Sights in Apex Legends

If you’re looking for the best R-301 iron sights, you’ve come to the right place. There are many options, and there are many types. Pay attention to the skins that are available for your gun. You can choose from the default black R-301 skin, or you can choose an Epic or Rare one.

The R-301 standard iron sight is the best, but you can get other skins to improve your sight. The Polished Perfection iron sight has extended metallic parts, allowing you to focus more on the enemy in front. You can also go for the flatline skin, Teal Zeal, which was released during the Lost Treasures Collection Event during Season 5.

The R-301 rifle was developed by Lastimosa Armory and is a successor to the R-101 and R-201 rifles from the Frontier War. After the Battle of Typhon, the IMC wanted to improve it. The R-201 was plagued by misfires and malfunctioning feed mechanisms.

The R-301 is an all-around rifle that is a great choice for Apex Legends. It is reliable in close-quarters as well as long-range combat due to its high rate of fire and low recoil. It can also be used as a secondary weapon, and its high rate of fire makes them useful in mid-range encounters.

Besides the R-301, Apex Legends also has dozens of legendary weapon skins available. Some of these skins are great, but others are not as appealing and offer only a slight advantage over the default. Skins are worth purchasing, whether you’re a new player or a returning player. If you can, I recommend at least one A-Tier version.

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