Best Shave Ice Waikiki

The Best Shave Ice in Waikiki

There are many places to shave ice on Oahu. But Matsumoto Shave Ice in Haleiwa is the best. This popular spot offers a wide variety of flavors including cake, lilikoi and cotton candy as well as traditional fruit flavors.

Founded in Mililani, Hawaii, Shimazu Shave Ice Team has expanded its business and menu to the Waikiki area. Their shave ice is made with 70 different flavors of handcrafted syrups. Gummy bear and pickled mango are two of the more unusual flavors. The Waikiki institution offers a wide variety of toppings and has a long queue.

Kaimana, a popular shave-ice joint, is located in Waikiki. This location is famous for its homemade toppings. The shaved ice is served in traditional bowls and can be topped with ice cream, fruits, or even adzuki beans paste. Although the ice is traditionally served in an ice bowl, most vendors provide a spoon and straw so customers can enjoy their frozen treats.

In Honolulu, the Shimazu Store serves shave ice with unique flavors. This stand serves shave ice in a landscaped area, and the owners make their own sugar syrups for their frozen treats. The ice cream is delicious, and the place also boasts picnic tables and is ideal for taking a break from shopping.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat while in Waikiki, Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha in the Aina Haina Shopping Center is a good choice. Shave ice is made from natural ingredients and syrups are free of artificial coloring or preservatives. The flavors are naturally sweetened and flavored with the spirit aloha.

Another shave ice place in Waikiki is Waiola Shave Ice, which is operated by four generations of the same family. The place offers matcha shave-ice, which is served with chestnuts and azuki bean.

Waiola Shave Ice is an island favourite for quite some time. It is undoubtedly the best shaved ice on the island. Waiola offers a variety of flavors including strawberry, pineapple, lilikoi, and more. Waiola also offers specialty flavors as well as multiple add-ons.

Another Maui classic is Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice. It was established in Lahaina in 2008. There are now six locations. This popular Maui shave ice joint features a menu of over 55 flavors and a unique selection of Maui inspired syrups.

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