Best Shoes For Morton Neuroma

Choosing the Best Shoes For Morton Neuroma

Shoes that are made for Morton neuroma should be worn. The right shoes will prevent any direct impact to the forefoot and will also help cushion your feet and reduce chaffing. Shoes with a low drop or zero drop are best to avoid pressure on the feet.

The width of the toe box is also important to consider. This measurement can be determined using a standard measuring tape. A narrow toe box can compress the forefoot and cause pain. A shoe with a wide toe box will help alleviate the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma. A shoe with air pockets at the heel is another option. These features give the shoe a bounce, which makes walking easier and reduces pain.

It is best to see a doctor if you suspect you may have Morton’s Neuroma. High-impact sports like running can lead to the condition. These activities can cause trauma to the ball and nerves of the toes. The best supportive shoes for men can provide quick relief. For greater comfort, it should have arch support and foot pads.

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