Best Th4 Base

Best Th4 Base

If you are looking for the best Th4 base, you’ve come to the right place. The best T4 bases have several great features, including a town hall, clan castle, a hidden tesla, a mortar, and gold storage. These features help you stay in the game longer. The best T4 bases also have sections that are divided into small sections. In the center, you’ll find the town hall, while the outer clan has army camps, barracks, and many defense buildings. To protect the clan against enemies, you can also build a tower.

The best T4 base layouts allow you to use all buildings in Town hall 4. A Builder base unlocks as an upgrade for your town hall. This bonus reward can increase your trophy’s score to 800 points in no matter how fast you play. Defending your base is an important part of the game, and using all of the buildings available will increase your clan’s security. You should also maximize your defenses in order to get the best bonus rewards from multiplayer battles.

The best T4 base layouts can be found on YouTube. You can copy this link to view all the different types of bases. You can also paste the layout to your game’s interface to make it easier to modify your base. You’ll be glad that you did. This Town Hall 4 base layout for trophy pushing and farming is the best available.

A well-designed anti-3-star base makes it hard for opponents to get three stars. It also stops your opponent attacking other bases and leaving your base. This T4 base is an excellent defense against an opponent who focuses on the ground. Your opponent will find it difficult to escape your base because of the strategic placement of defensive structures. This base is also ideal for a first-pitch in trophies or a Clan War.

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