Best Time To Visit Texas

Best Time to Visit Texas

If you’re thinking about visiting Texas, you’ll want to choose a month that has mild weather. March through May and September through November are great times to go, as temperatures are mild and there’s very little rain. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the state and take on many different excursions without feeling overwhelmed.

The weather in Texas varies depending on where you’re visiting and what activities you’ll be doing. Typically, spring and summer are the wettest months in the state, while September is the driest month. Still, each season has its own unique charm, and you’ll find plenty of things to do and see.

The hottest months of the year in Texas are the summer months. It can get extremely hot. The days start out cool in the early morning and get hotter as the day progresses. Daytime temperatures in Central Texas can reach 100 degrees. You can expect sunshine for around 12 hours per day. Thunderstorms could also disrupt your trip. Even if you visit during the warmer months it is a good idea for you to bring sunscreen and light cotton clothes.

Texas winters can be extremely cold. If you want to enjoy the best weather in Texas, you should avoid January. The state’s winter temperatures remain mild so outdoor events can still be enjoyed in February and March. Mardi Gras Galveston, the state’s second-largest Mardi Gras Parade outside of Louisiana, is one of the largest outdoor events. March is also the time for festivals and large-scale outdoor events like South by Southwest in Austin.

The springtime months in Texas are warm and pleasant. Average temperatures are in the mid-70s and 80s. Spring is a great time to see flowers and prickly-pear trees in bloom. This time of year is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities, as there isn’t much rain.

The best time to visit Texas is from March to April. The bluebonnet flower blooms and wildflowers begin to bloom in the spring. April is a busy month for birdwatchers. Other popular activities include hiking trails, fishing and food festivals. If you love festivals, Texas’ strawberry festival will delight you!

The winter months in Texas are great for outdoor activities. Temperatures are comfortable and low humidity is a good time to go hiking or horseback riding. While you can still enjoy the outdoors, it is best to avoid the heat of August. This is a great time to visit historical sites.

Fall is another great time to visit Texas. Although fall foliage isn’t as spectacular in Texas, the summer months are still pleasant for outdoor activities. There are also many festivals, including the Great Texas Mosquito Festival and a washer pitching tournament. You can also join a mosquito-themed fun-run and participate in a cook-off. Luckenbach also celebrates Fourth of July with a big picnic.

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