Best Town Hall 10 War Base

How to Design the Best Town Hall 10 War Base

You should keep these important features in mind when designing a town hall 10-war base. These features will help you build the best town hall 10 base for your clan and get the most out of your investment. These ideas will help you create the perfect base, no matter if you are looking for a strategic layout or a mixed style. You may want to try a couple of them out so that you can see which ones work best for your clan.

The first thing to do is think about the different types of attacks that your opponents use. You’ll want to avoid a lot of attack methods that use 3-Star and other attacking strategies. A base may be useful to protect your loot against two-star attacks.

You should also consider the location of your Town hall 10. In one corner, you’ll want to place your Hidden Tesla, while the other two corners are best for inferno towers. To distract the enemy, you’ll want to keep Heroes in central. And don’t forget to put your X-bow somewhere between the two corners. Maximize your base to get maximum trophy counts.

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