Best Town Hall 11 Attacks

Best Town Hall 11 Attacks

There are many strategies to attack Town Hall 11 bases. One of the best is the hybrid army attack. It combines a large army of miners and hogs with a Freeze Spell and a lightning spell. This attack is very effective against bases with weak defenses.

The Queen Charge can clear one third of the base and should be supported with Super Wallbreakers. The King Charge should then clear the remaining third of the base. Then, you should deploy your Lava Hounds on the other side of your base. Strategically deploy Balloons to attack your opponents’ defenses. Last but not least, ensure your Lava Hounds are able to stop the Balloons from causing damage.

Wizards and Minions are two of the best cleanup troops in Town Hall 11. They can travel past walls and around them. They are more versatile than Town Halls. In addition, they can be used to attack buildings in the early game. Queen Charge can also be used to destroy the first defense. This attack should be avoided if you have an Archer Queen or Wall Breaker. These troops use five housing spaces.

Aerial attacks are another safe option for Town Hall 11 players. The basic idea behind these attacks is to create a funnel to send the Dragons to the center of the base. A funnel can be created using a Barbarian King, Archer Queen, or Baby Dragon. This attack is extremely powerful, especially when used in low-level games.

Town Hall 11 will give you access to new troops, spells, and other resources. However, it is important to have an effective attack strategy. Having the proper strategy can help you beat the opponent’s three-star base with ease. The best strategy for you doesn’t require any professional skills or a maximum Stone Slammer.

Another effective attack is the Eagle Artillery. While this unit is not overpowered, it can be very effective for heavy defenses. It has a wide range, but has a blind spot, making it a good option for defensive play. It can also surprise your opponent with its light weight.

You should also invest in Ice Golems and Electro Dragons at Town Hall 11. These two troops are great to build in Town Hall 11. However, they can slow down your troop cooking time. Spell Upgrades should be organized according to their intended use. This will maximize the damage that your troops do in every battle.

Town Hall upgrades can be crucial to your town hall’s success. They can increase your town’s stats but they can also reduce loot gains. To upgrade Town Hall 11, you will need to dedicate 1000 builders’ hours. And even though it’s possible to max Town Hall 11 in a few days, it’s not recommended to rush the upgrade, as it can put you at a disadvantage in the game.

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