Best Town Hall 6 Base

How to Build the Best Town Hall 6 Base

This Town Hall 6 base is great for protecting the core resource and trophy pushing. Its unique layout makes it very difficult to be attacked by a Giant/Healer combination. To slow down the movement of troops, the base has an outer perimeter that contains small storages and compartments. You can also set up center traps to take out troops that have grouped together there.

Protect your town hall and resource towers when building a base. Combining defense and resource towers will help you defend your resources while also allowing you to attack multiple times without losing too many. This type of base is also good for clan wars as it prevents attackers from stealing your loot.

In Town Hall 6 there are several types of base you can choose from. Some are more powerful than others. For example, the Trophy Base has compartments that keep attacking troops away from the center of the base. Another type of base is the Farming Base. These bases can be used to gather resources and improve your village.

You can start upgrading your base by using gold coins. This will cost 750,000 coins and take you four days. This will unlock new constructions, traps and 25 wall units. It also allows you to healers. You can also train your soldiers and upgrade all your constructions. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure to upgrade the Wall.

A defense base is another great base to build. It includes a Town Hall as well as a few defensive buildings in the front and rear. This will protect the Town Hall as well as keep your Gold/Elixir secure. A Wizard Tower is also a great defensive building placement. This will help ward off balloon attacks.

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