Big Dog Small Dog Meme

The Big Dog, Small Dogs Meme

A new Internet meme has gone viral: the “big dog, small dogs” meme. A picture of a Shiba Inu dog called Kabosu is often accompanied by the word “doge”. The text is often written in broken English. While there are a few known variations of this meme, the original photo that started the trend was the one that was the first to make its way onto the Internet.

This meme is probably the most famous of all macro-animal memes. This image was created to celebrate 1984’s day in Serbia. It is based on a scene from the movie “Pejzazi u magli”, which shows a black lab answering the phone. The image mocks the motivational posters that many people put up at work. Some people find the image offensive. There are many ways to incorporate the image into your decor, regardless of whether you like it or not.

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